Psychotic Depression: Causes And Treatments Of Depression

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There are many life obstacles that cause depression. Depression can be very critical in some cases. There a few different types of depressions disorders. There is persistent depressive disorder, perinatal depression, and Psychotic depression. We also have seasonal affective disorder. Depression is a serious disorder, life threatening in many cases. Just like there are many kinds of depression disorders there are many things that trigger depression. For example relationship problems, insecurities, illnesses, etc. It all depends on how a person is. Some people tend to be more sensitive and allow things to get to them faster. There are also people who have a strong personality and stand up for themselves and don’t allow any type of negativity …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that relationship problems are a big trigger to depression. loss of family members, loss of company, etc., can be heartbreaking.
  • Explains that lack of confidence and insecurities can also cause depression. girls and boys hurt themselves because they are insecure about themselves.
  • Explains that there are many different types of depression disorders, such as persistent depressive disorder, perinatal depression, and seasonal affective disorder.
  • Describes the different types of depression, including persistent depressive disorder, perinatal depression and psychotic depression.

The loss of a family member could be one good example. It could be your mother or father or sibling or a really close relative. The absence of someone you love unconditionally would be really heart breaking. The loss of their company would bring loneliness into someone. Especially if you are around that person every day, knowing that they will not come back would be really hurtful. Even the thought of losing your mom or dad is very harsh. In some cases someone really close to you could pass away and maybe ya’ll where not so happy with each other. Having someone go way without working things out could bring a lot of depression into someone. One other good example could be a break up. We are human, we love its normal. Becoming attached to someone and then it ending is very heart breaking. It is like you become part of the other person. You learn every detail about them. You know each other secrets, fears, wants etc. Then it all comes to an end. The couple tends to go separates ways. What really hurts is that you guys become strangers however; you know everything about that person. That empty feeling triggers depression. Felling alone and with this irreplaceable love that nobody can give you can really make someone feel depressed. Lack of love can be a trigger of …show more content…

There are many cases where girls and boys hurt themselves because they are insecure about themselves. They feel too ugly or too fat. These kinds of people live in depression. They do not feel good about themselves. People like this tend to harm their bodies. The fact that they become depressed makes it even worse. One good example is Bulimia nervosa. It is an eating disorder where the person eats and tries to take it back as soon as they can. This is mainly caused by lack of confidence. The person probably feels like they are fat. Many other kids cut themselves due to lack of self-love. Another good example is if you are being bullied. Being bullied really hurts feelings it makes you feel like you are not good enough. There are tons of kids who are depressed due to the fact that they are being bullied constantly. Many times kids stay like this and do not speak up because they are afraid. However they are only making it worse. They live by depression every day. Anyone can stand up and put a stop to bulling. I’m very confident that if you put an end to being bullied you’ll also put an end to the depression you suffer. Depression can influence our actions. We must love our selves. God mad us all different but we are all beautiful in our own ways. We must love our bodies and treat them as

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