Depression : A Psychological Disorder Essay

Depression : A Psychological Disorder Essay

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Depression is a psychological disorder that is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. In the U.S., about 9.5% of our population has been diagnose with depression. This estimates to 19 million Americans. This topic was chosen because I have dealt with it first hand with those close to me and myself. Depression is a long-known health problem and can be supported by historical documents throughout out the centuries. This psychological disease began with the name “melancholia” and can be traced as far back in the ancient mesopotamian documents. This dates depression back to the second millennium B.C.. Depression was thought to be from demonic possessions and was only treatable by priests. Later on, Hippocrates had figured that depression was the effect of too much black bile being in the spleen. He used the bloodletting method to try and reduce the symptoms of depression. Cicero became more of a contrast to Hippocrates by discovering that depression was a mental illness. The treatment for this disorder shifted and patients with depression were given a whole new way of treatment. Doctors would say to do gymnastics, use massage therapy, go on a special diet, listen to music, and take baths. A mixture of poppy extract with donkey’s milk was also used in the treatment of depression. (Mental Health, 2008)
Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses and affects an individual’s daily life. This psychological disorder affects people by causing sadness, worthlessness, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, and so on. Out of the millions of people affected by depression, only a third of them end up seeking treatment. For those who do not seek help, depression can worsen and be affected for a longer amount of time. There are multi...

... middle of paper ... with the history of depression, alcoholism, suicide, or a bipolar disorder. When an individual has been put through a traumatic even they tend to develop a psychological disorder, such as depression.
In conclusion, depression is not just a “down in the dumps” feeling or a mood that will blow over on its own, it is a chemical imbalance in the brain. If depression is not treated, it could worsen the effects and lengthen them as well. It is important to do more research on depression and be able to find a medication or therapy to relieve the side effect more than what they are now.

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