Psychotherapy: Depression, And The Treatment Of Depression

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Depression is an incredibly serious matter that affects many people around the world. It is fairly common for many people to experience depression in some sort of way after a tragic event, such as the death of a family member or the severing of a long-term relationship. In fact, some may argue that these feelings are indeed appropriate for the time being. However, for some individuals, these feelings of despair and stress can last for weeks at a time or longer. While some who are not dealing with depression may interpret the feelings and the mindset of those who are struggling with major depression as a case of “the blues”, depression is undoubtedly a serious condition when left to itself without any type of support or medication. Depression …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that depression is an incredibly serious matter that affects many people around the world. depression in young adults is more common than the general public may believe it to be.
  • Explains that depression affects both men and women, young and old, and is characterized by many symptoms, such as overall sadness, loss of interest, feelings of low self-worth, difficulty sleeping and poor concentration.
  • Explains that many young adults and college students will feel anxious or down in the dumps at some point in their life. however, when these feelings last beyond an appropriate amount of time, the danger begins to set in.
  • Explains that depression is a major risk factor for suicide. suicide ideation is the concept of suicidal thoughts.
  • Explains the importance of awareness for depression, and how society as a whole benefits from awareness and education on the matter.
  • Explains that many young adults suffering with depression turn to medication or psychotherapy. antidepressants affect brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters to restore a sense of chemical balance in the brain.
  • Describes how a good friend of mine has been struggling with major depression for nearly two years. he had extreme difficulty sleeping, and was socially withdrawn. since that event, he started medication with great success and began practicing his christian faith again.
  • Argues that depression is a dangerous monster that many people misinterpret as harmless. it is important for society to recognize the risks associated with depression and to attempt to reach out to those who are struggling to make it through the day.

The most common solution to medicate with is either antidepressants or a form of psychotherapy. Antidepressants affects brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, the goal of the medication is to restore a sense of chemical balance in the brain, and relieving the individual from a constant state of depression. A doctor may prescribe a patient antidepressants for up to several months, depending on the severity. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, involves a routine discussion with a mental health care specialist (Depression and College Students). There is an incredibly large amount of different antidepressant to cater to those who may not respond to one type of medication. However, often these medicines come with a large list of side-effects. A good friend of mine described the side-effects of his experience with antidepressants, which included difficulty concentrating, insomnia, mood swings, among many other personal side-effects. He would often find it difficult to cope with the amount of side-effects, and he found them to be interfering with his daily routine. However, considering the dangers of depression, he would agree that the side-effects seem to be the lesser of the two

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