Essay The Dental Hygiene Needs Based On All Available Assessment Data

Essay The Dental Hygiene Needs Based On All Available Assessment Data

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1. Use critical decision making skills to reach conclusions about the client’s dental hygiene needs based on all available assessment data.
For each client I collect several different assessments to help determine a diagnosis and individualized care plans. First, I start with assessing their oral hygiene routine and get a general idea of how important oral hygiene is to the client. After this, I preform an oral cancer screening to make sure all soft tissues appear normal. Next, I preform an assessment of the periodontal tissue color, contour and texture as well as recording a periodontal chart. Once all this information is gathered we take a look at all the information and determine a diagnosis. Then, we set goals and select appropriate interventions to reverse or stabilize the disease or maintain health. For example, for a patient with heavy plaque we would recommend an electric toothbrush and disclosing tablets. For periodontally involved patients we would recommend an oral irrigator, antimicrobial mouth rinse and put them on a one month heal check and assess if a local antimicrobial product would be beneficial, among other recommendations. Without these assessments I would not be able to accurately make appropriate recommendations for my clients. I believe, as an educated dental professional, clients rely on me to make accurate, evidence-based recommendations that are specific to their needs. It is important to treat each client individually and set specific goals to their needs to provide excellent quality of care.

2. Provide care to all clients using an individualized approach that is humane, empathetic, and caring.
Before I see a patient I thoroughly review their chart; medical history, previous treatments and narrative n...

... middle of paper ...

...d their mind or still refuse.

6. Provide community oral health services in a variety of settings.
In my community oral health class we were required to do an educational presentation at a head start program. Another classmate and I taught students the importance of oral hygiene, how their diet can effect oral health, and also frequency and time of brushing. Based on pre and post test questions the students learned all the objectives we made for them. The main thing I wanted them to take away was how sugars can cause decay and how to prevent it, and I think they took our presentation seriously and will work to prevent decay from sugars. I think the children should have informative dental hygiene presentations more frequently. I feel like we did a good job making the students aware that oral health is important for keeping a beautiful smile throughout their lifetime!

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