Essay on Democratization Of Journalism And Corporate Media

Essay on Democratization Of Journalism And Corporate Media

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Democratization of Journalism and Corporate Media: An analytic comparative essay
Due to plummeting price and better accessibility of technologies similar to cell phones and the internet, the access to information and sharing has become cheaper and easier. The decentralized nature of these technologies has helped give rise to citizen journalism where audiences collect, analyze and disseminate news information usually primarily through the internet. Since citizen journalism is decentralized, the media content cannot be regulated. This means the content reported will not always be valid and there is always a risk of false reporting. In addition, the citizen journalists or the “pop up” news activists need the help of mega media corporations such as Facebook twitter, CNN and BBC to help reach mass audiences. This means, the media corporations are able to control the flow of information passed by the citizen journalists which provides them dominance and power over the citizen journalists. Also, the audience prefer main sources of news that report stories around the globe rather than dispersed sources of information limited to one geographic area in order to save time and hassle. This means, citizen journalists will not be able to overtake traditional news systems in terms of audience base over a prolonged period of time, preserving the imbalance in power. Both articles show that the traditional media will always be the dominant force over citizen journalism and UGC as the traditional media ultimately decides how and when UGC are used and discussed. This means there will never be mass democratization of journalism and will always be few media outlets that control the flow of information and will have an even stronger audience base compar...

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...udience base and ensuring better sustainability. Having better sustainability means being better prepared to expand operations, create better revenue streams, working towards gaining even more vast customer base and thus creating dominance over the citizen journalists, ultimately preventing democratization in journalism.
Therefore, both articles present their own unique points to highlight the main theme that there will never be a mass democratization of journalism as the audience will continue to look towards traditional news media for valid information, the traditional media will continue to have the control of information produced by the citizen journalists and will have a stronger audience base helping their sustainability and growth. Their use of real world examples to highlight their overarching them helped their articles to become deeper and more insightful.

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