Essay about Delinquency and Gang Violence

Essay about Delinquency and Gang Violence

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Delinquency and gang violence has disturbed many communities in Urban African American areas. Engaging youth in community programs may take away from the violence, focusing on the missing factor within delinquents. Youth delinquents are molded into violent criminals before they have a chance to build themselves, the known reason is there communities have a part in there behavior.

A problem many communities are faced with is delinquency and gangs. Delinquency and gangs begin to pull in the similarities and focus more on the meaning connected to youth violence from the past to the present. Based on this context, individuals have an understanding the different ways delinquent juveniles are affected by certain policies. Delinquent youth come in many different age groups, sex, ethic group, and race, while society may look at delinquency as starting out as soon as children enter grade school delinquency starts when a child can fully comprehend there wrong doing.
An early response, related to the reasoning of youth delinquency, came across as youth being blamed. In the past as well as in the future children have been faced with tough sentences, such as prison 2-life and death in terms that child will lose their life to the different forms officers use to kill death row inmates. Eventually, informed discipline was tackled to set out a more acceptable approach. Over the years, the outlook of youth delinquency seem to have grown a tremendous deal, youth delinquency has been aired as an epidemic in many communities. A state that’s not knew to youth delinquency and gang violence is Chicago. Youth delinquency and gangs has come to the forefront in different areas of Chicago, being a little more specific one of the areas is ...

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