Defining What Makes and Effective Leader Essay

Defining What Makes and Effective Leader Essay

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1. Introduction:
Some scholars and business experts have attempted to define an effective leader, but we are not unanimous of what actually defines an effective leader.
This assignment seeks to compare the characteristics of two leaders, and to analyse their effectiveness as leaders. I would test their traits, behaviors, experience and values to prove how these abilities were able to influence and organize their respective groups in achieving the organization goals and strategies.

1. Leadership – Effective Leadership
Earlier perspectives on leadership focused on the position of the leader in the organization which led to theories and research on how positional leaders carry out their aims in the organization. These leaders used legitimate, cohesive and reward power (French and Raven 1959) to influence and direct their followers.
Over time, new perspective such as Fred E Fielder (1976) leadership effectiveness theory known as the “Contingency Theory of Leadership Effectiveness” was developed. Fred E Fielder assisted in the move from research on traits and personal characte...

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