Essay on Decrypting Politics

Essay on Decrypting Politics

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Conservatism describes the disposition of people who prefer heavy state intervention in private life and little or no state invention in the economy. Laura Stoker, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, created a graph (Figure 1) that separates people’s political standing based on their views of state intervention in private life and the economy (The Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science University of California, Berkeley). This description allows individuals to compare and contrast the different political views of people. However, there is more to the conservative label than just the group of people who prefer state intervention in the private life but not in the economy. Conservatism is typically conceived as described, but there are distinct factions within the conservative spectrum.
Conservatism, defined by Charles Dunn in the book The Future of Conservatism, is “the defense of inherited political, economic, religious, and social traditions from the forces of abrupt change…” (Dunn, ii). Dunn believes conservatives place much more faith in traditional religious values and less faith in the perfection of man and government. Working in synchrony with the
Figure 1. This graph by Professor Laura Stoker separates four types of groups to categorize people depending on their beliefs (The Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science University of California, Berkeley).
chart in Figure 1, Dunn’s views on conservatives match because he believes that they place more emphasis on personal responsibilities and have a greater trust in capitalism and free markets than government intervention. The graph in Figure 1 suggests that conservatives have more trust in free markets because they wa...

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