Politics And Politics In Hardball

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Karis Morales AP U.S. Government & Politics Mr. Glenn Hardball: How Politics Is Played Told By One Who Knows The Game Chris Matthews Simon & Schuster November 2, 1999 Politics This novel circles around the aspect of the inner workings of politics. Chris Matthews communicates his ideas on politics by giving details and tips on how to be successful in that world. These tips and steps Matthews gives portrays the world of politics as a game and by following those steps given will help the politician succeed. The main theme he orbits around is the workings of politics. The chapters cover so many aspect of politics from dealing with the press to the people that you should involve yourself with. The author combines the different styles…show more content…
He follows the theme of politicians needing to look good in the eyes of the public. The main points within each chapter falls into the aspect of “how does the world view this candidate?”. In the first chapter of the novel Matthews focuses on the connections that need to be made. He uses specific evidence on events regarding former politicians. In each chapter after encouraging the technique given he includes evidence on former politicians who used that tactic. Mainly he focuses on how it worked for their benefit. In the second chapter he promotes the idea of keeping your roots. Matthews main points all stray from keeping the people happy and involved. By keeping your home roots in your game plan it proves to be more beneficial in a campaign. He proposes psychological evidence to back up his claim, like if the politician does not make his proposals relatable to the common person they would reject him because the politician made the common person feel excluded. Matthews follows the ideas that lead to politicians being relatable to the common person. Relatability is the main thing within a campaign that should always be kept in…show more content…
In chapter 3 he encourages the exchange of favors. He mainly focuses on others doing favors for you. Matthews incorporates Jimmy Carter’s plan on hiring people who worked in failed companies. The mentality behind this is by offering work in their time of need will create this sense of gratitude towards the former president. Politics is all about understanding what people want and getting in tune with the minds of others. Chapter 3 circles that concept and giving advantages on how to make yourself almost indispensable in the eyes of some people; having a more personal connection with people so they would not have a reason to vote against you. Even chapter 4 and 5 show this type of mentality; viewing politics as a mind game and playing tricks to succeed. For example, chapter 4 discusses loyalty and keeping the mentality of “What have you done for me lately?”. By doing little favors for someone after certain periods of time so they can remember it easier. Even chapter 5 discusses the relationship a politician should have with their enemy. This novel shows the lifestyle a politician must lead to be acceptable as a

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