Decision Making Of Diverse Groups Essay

Decision Making Of Diverse Groups Essay

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Decision Making in Diverse Groups
Namratha Murthy-nvm242 (Link Team)

Malcolm ford said that “Diversity: is the art of thinking independently together”[1]. Diversity in teams is vital to achieve effective solution where every team member brings in unique expertise that results in all-inclusive approach for possible solutions. In this process different sets of eyes with unique pair of glasses see the problem and solution differently from one another that creates a wider coverage range. In the article “Putting your whole brain to work”[2] Dorothy Leonard and Susaan Straus discuss about how creative abrasion is necessary for productive results. They talk about how a manager under- stands that different people have different thinking styles: analytical or intuitive, experiential or conceptual, independent or social, logical or values driven. These thinking styles ultimately influence the decision-making abilities of a team. Even though these diverse teams are essential and have many benefits they clearly are prone to dysfunction because of the very reason of their origin i.e. considerable diversity among team members. With all these advantages and limitations of a diverse group comes the most challenging task of making a decision within the group. The various ideas have to be encouraged and accepted within the group; simultaneously the group has to work together to reach a conclusion by zeroing down on one idea that emerged from a group or the integration of ideas from the group. In all these stages decision-making plays an important role.

Our team was diverse where we all come from different education, professional and cultural backgrounds and we were able to tap in our diversity by bringing our various perspectives through effect...

... middle of paper ...

...ur company’s whole brain to work”. Harvard Business Review. July/Aug, 1997.

• Decision-Making Models By Judith Stein Article adapted in part from materials from Interaction Associates, LLC, and Mastering Meetings.

Further reading:
• An article on “Consensus Team decision making” a part of Strategic Leadership and decision making from national Defense university.

• This is an interesting and simple video on how decision is made with available information and people with different assumptions and necessity. It is a video of 4 friends and their process of decision on a very simple agenda of “where to have dinner on a Friday night before going to a friends party”

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