Decision Making Model Of A Teacher Essay

Decision Making Model Of A Teacher Essay

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Decision-making Model
Based off of the decision making model in section 8.1, I am currently in the process of gathering information, assessing the outcome, and taking action. I have spent countless hours gathering information on my career choice, from learning the basics of teaching up to the required education and classes. My chances of becoming a teacher are fairly high because I am eager and passionate towards this career, however, I have also thought about the possibilities of failure. If my goal does not go as planned, I still plan on proceeding towards a career that allows me to care and interacts with others. I have taken action by meeting with an advisor, choosing specific classes, and applied for a part-time teachers aid. I have yet to reach the process of refining my goal, defining my goal, and assessing alternatives. My current goal is to finish school and receive a teacher 's credential, but I have yet to choose a specific grade level of teaching. I currently have no specific goal, but I plan on finalizing my grade level teaching by my fourth year of college. I have yet to assess my alternatives, but I still plan on being in childcare if teaching does not follow through. To complete the decision making model, I must state my objective, have a definite goal, and find other options that relate to this career. This decision making model is very convenient because it provides me with a layout of where I am in deciding my career, as well as pointing out the necessity to have a backup plan.
Attended Workshop
The workshop I have chosen to attend is the “Resume Writing Essentials” provided by the Career Development Center. I chose this workshop because it is essential to know how to conduct a proper resume that corresponds t...

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...d me discover that I enjoy helping others. When working in labs, I realized that I enjoyed the process of helping each other through any struggle. Psychology was one of my greatest academic experiences that contributed to my career choice because I was able to learn more about how we act, starting from the adolescent stages to a full grown adult. My experiences have all related to my career because I learned to speak publicly, work with others, and understand people of all ages. My school work, family, teachers, and job experiences have all brought me to this stage of finally finding my passion, to someday become an elementary school teacher. As my college career continues and as I progress, I will always have my career as my biggest motivation. The development of my career would not be at this point if my former elementary teachers were not my biggest inspirations.

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