The Debate Of Liberal Arts Schools Essay

The Debate Of Liberal Arts Schools Essay

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Most schools nowadays are more concentrated on memorizing all the facts and passing tests rather than actually learning something new and developing students’ minds. Liberal arts schools are different because they emphasis the growth of knowledge, not just for a test that determines whether “you are smart” or “you are dumb”. This is a very important asset for anthropologists, both experts and beginners, who want to study other cultures. A liberal arts education can provide a great basis for learning about other cultures because it can helps anthropologists think critically about the new community they are about to encounter for the first time.
If you study cultures under liberal arts, you can often find yourself broadening your horizons and gaining a lot of new ways to see things. This starts with letting your thoughts go towards something intriguing, which can then lead to many amazing things. One of which is being able to think from a different point of view and having the ability to not put your own opinion in the situation. This is great when analyzing a new and different culture because then you will be able to learn about and report only the important data you came for in the first place. Another aspect that comes from expanding your thoughts, as cliché as it sounds, is that you can broaden your horizons by traveling across the world to new places. Doing so can lead to new adventures and discoveries. This is a very common aspect amongst many people all over the world, and for the anthropologist, this pretty important since it is their career path and living. Having the flexible mindset to travel almost anywhere truly gives them an upper hand in comparison to those that are not so willing because they can gain more insight...

... middle of paper ... simply rudimentary tasks, that not even the original explorers like Columbus could ever discover. Anthropologist can then decide if they want to keep this way of life they have learned as their own or leave it behind when they go back home. Either way, fitting in while they are they is extremely essential.
A liberal arts education is not often chosen in first world countries. Most people avoid the free thinking involved with this way of learning because it ends up being too much work for them to handle or they will just refuse to even try. Anthropologists are obviously not those people because without this way of thinking and going about tasks, they could not do a thorough job and without them, we would know nothing about our neighbors around the world. A liberal arts education does truly aide in thinking critically about all the cultures anthropologists study.

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