Essay on Death of a Salesman and American Beauty

Essay on Death of a Salesman and American Beauty

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Death of a Salesman is a play by Arthur Miller that follows the dying days of Willy Loman. Willy is a salesman who is not very at selling whatever he is selling so he takes the easy way out and goes to his neighbor, Charley, who has worked very hard for his money. Willy thinks that Charley and his son Bernard are nerdy and that they are not successful. Success to Willy is all about looks, which is why his son Biff grew up with the idea that as long as you are well liked than you will be successful. Willy faces the conscious battle between what he wants his sons to see and what he wants to keep personal. He wants to set the example of success to his sons by having a death of a salesman where tons of people attend his funeral and everyone knows whom they are there for. However, because he cheats at everything in his life from his job to his wife, his sons, Biff and Happy, have no father figure to look up to. This upsets Willy because he wants his sons to find happiness and success by following in his footsteps. Mr. Loman thinks that he will find happiness in work and doesn’t see that his wife, Linda, finds happiness in him. Linda finds joy in their relationship even though she is unaware of the affair he is having with a woman in Boston. She would do anything for him because for her he is everything. She would even kick out her own son because he brings so much pain to house and that “[he] can’t just come to see [her] because she loves [Willy]” (Miller). He is her happiness and her love. She doesn’t want Willy to die when he died. Willy ends up dying in a car crash and thinks that he solved his family’s problems, which is success in his eyes.
Lester Burnham is the main character of the movie, American Beauty, and his life like Will...

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...nd seen it to never neglect your family because they are all that you have when the time comes for you to fade into the ground. These works have cultural gaps in them as well because not everyone is like the characters in them. Some people don’t live life for the money and success of reaching their dreams; they live to be happy. These works should also be taught together because they are very similar and characters do reflect in the other works. American Beauty directed by Sam Mendes and Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller are pieces of work that have many similarities that blend in together to make to different stories with a lot of the same things regarding love, money, and the pursuit of happiness, all mashing together to create the American Dream.

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