Compare Death Of A Salesman And American Beauty

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In Death of a Salesman as well as in American Beauty, the main conflicts revolve around a great basic problem, which is the "appearance" as a way of life and expression to the outside. Following this, they will all problems relating to the relationships between the characters, and the lack of communication in the families. It could also be seen in both works that the characters go through great efforts pretending to be happy with themselves. Willy Loman which may sound Low Man- man, writers often select the names for a reason, has two personalities one strong and one weak dreamer. The dreamer is optimistic, enterprising, including content and happy and the other is inconsistent, insecure, hypocritical, and unconscious. Both appear in all the advice he gives to his children. He is very contradictory, he is a person with excellent manual dexterity that insists on getting into sales business. He does contrary to what he wants. He is a country man, likes nature but lives in the city. Willy wants to be a good father, he tries to impress his children and instill his dreams, not educate them. He himself does not know whether he is doing right or wrong. He seems to be a determined person with faith in himself, but he is weak and needs the support of others, especially his wife, but then cheats showing insecurity, hypocrisy, and disrespect. He looks like a strong person but humbles at times despite being proud and try to appear strong as when his boss fires him. Charley gives him money and but he does not accept work due to his pride. He also has misconceptions, wrong dreams and in the wrong place. There is always a gap between what he does and what he says, what he wants to do and what gets in the background.There is the se... ... middle of paper ... ... pants “in the family, which controls everything, even the music they listen to music at dinner. In conclusion both works demonstrate the theme of the American dream and materialism. Sacrifice and the American Dream are closely linked in Death of a Salesman and American Beauty. Discuss. Sacrifice and the American Dream are inextricably linked in the play, Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller, and the film, American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes. The pursuit of achieving the American Dream ultimately leads to the sacrifice of individual values and morals to achieve the societal expectations of the 1940s urban context and the 1990s suburban context. The American Dream is a social dream that is underpinned by its materialism where the individual must decide whether to follow its societal values or personal ideals, and face the consequences of their decision.

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