The Death And Life Of American Journalism Essay examples

The Death And Life Of American Journalism Essay examples

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Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols believes that "Our republic and its press will rise or fall together." (6) In the novel The Death and Life of American Journalism, the author discuss about the news and corruption of the government being overpower. They point out the little change when the media is damage in a way. The government acknowledge the little things that is corrupt and try to fix it. McChesney and Nichols point at the significant of technology and advanced ways to get news. They find that it was the better method to get the messages about daily news out to the people. They see it as an new start for a better life because they see it as a good thing to give news to the people. McChesney and Nichols view it as a way where it could benefit them and other because people could see on their phones or read newspaper outside and etc. It has made a huge impact on this era, by doing that freedom of press is increasing. Freedom of press should be allow in a way where people are inform of today 's event. I agree with McChesney and Nichols for stating Jefferson 's view "democracy could not survive unless the people had the freedom to speak their minds", because our government and newspaper is cannot be one with each other. They would fall apart because the two are not a like to one another. It would be the same if they were working with each other, because one think of themselves higher than the other.

Having the power to press is the key to the future. it allows the people to speak their mind and also their opinions. The role of news paper gives the people what they want to say and notify the people when newspaper or news are out. This is significant because it allows the population to be updated and be aware of any given situa...

... middle of paper ...

...solution to address the problem instead of a couple.

In today 's newspaper and magazine, they are many out there to speak their mind or opinion while others are just pointless and their goal is looking for fame. In today 's paper, it is just basically news keeping up to date. Updating the people on recent events that have occurred and it keeping changing as they gather information about it. News keep up to date about the government around the world about their situation and what it is done to be resolve.

They are other ways to get their voice out and their opinions to fight against the system other ways to get their message out whether if it online like social media, free-writing online and etc. The government is weak without the people. The people are strong if they stay together. People are allow to speak their mind and opinion without being judge or criticized.

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