Dbt Is An Effective Treatment Method For Those With Odd Essay

Dbt Is An Effective Treatment Method For Those With Odd Essay

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If there is a positive difference between the initial and end treatment questionnaires it would suggest that DBT is an effective treatment method for those with ODD. These results would imply that the patients directly benefitted from having gone to treatment and that the treatment helped them in regulating their emotions, and communicating with others. This also shows that an adapted version of DBT specific to the needs of adolescents, would have a positive result in treating children and adolescents with ODD and may work to prevent later symptoms. However, the results would need to be replicated to prove reliability. Also, if the effects of DBT is maintained at the 6 month follow-up, it would suggest that the treatment is effective and that the participants maintain the benefits of the initial treatment. This also implies that a less involved form of DBT might be effective in treating youth. Future studies should also look at outcomes further in life to see if the participants still benefit from the treatments after significant time has passed. However, if there’s no significant difference between the questionnaires for the DBT groups, then it suggests that the treatment was not effective. This result would suggest that skills training, combined with individual therapy doesn’t help youth to better communicate and regulate their emotions. Perhaps only individual therapy would help benefit the youth or a version of family therapy. These and other forms of therapy should be looked at to see if they would have better effects with individuals with ODD.
If the participants on the waitlist were found to have a significant change between their questionnaires after the 4-month period, it would suggest that ODD symptoms are able to el...

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...on to participants on the waitlist seeking other treatments, those in the DBT group are able to obtain additional services if they wish. Lastly, DBT is an unstructured form of therapy and due to this, each session has the possibility of being extremely different. Due to this, each therapist may have their own preference in the way that they wish to conduct their sessions.
Overall it’s expected that there will be positive results in the behaviors of those in the DBT group while those in the waitlist group will have little to no change in their overall behaviors. Future studies should examine another possible treatment option in addition to a more structured form of DBT and a waitlist group. Also, if patients are found to have improvement while on the waitlist group, future studies should examine to see if there’s a common factor that may correlate with improvement.

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