Essay about The Dangers of Child Work Force

Essay about The Dangers of Child Work Force

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Child work force has been a problem for more than 100 years, some of our older generations have been working for most of their life. Some kids have been working for most of their lives some of their parents don't even work these kids get low money some of their parents sale them.Some of these kids don't even have parents they are just wandering around streets looking for jobs.Some of these kids are working in hazard jobs and domestic labour and carpet weaving and other horrible jobs and these kids and not only missing out of their education but their health is at stake.Child Labour is increasing day by day and it's because there's a lot of poor countries and some of these childrens parent is some times ill so they can't work but that still doesn't justify the children into working in extremely bad weather or in hard labour so of these kids work in factories such as in coal factories where some time when a engine stops working sometimes men put little kids inside so they can fix it and some time when the kids fix it some time their arms get chopped off or their finger and in bad sad cases they sometimes die some of these kids are usually stolen or sold to them and in some cases they are trafficked.Today, an estimated 246 million children worldwide are engaged in some kind of labour, about 180 million of them in hazardous conditions.(World Day Against Child Labour puts spotlight on harmful effects) There are many forms of child labour worldwide. Children are engaged in agricultural labour, in mining, in manufacturing, in domestic service, types of construction, scavenging and begging on the streets. Others are trapped in forms of slavery in armed conflicts, forced labour and debt bondage (to pay off debts incurred by parents and gr...

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...erson and she gave her Alina so when Alina grew up she started to work really hard she used to wonder why she had to work harder than other kids.Well thats not it everybody wants to make a move but no one is taking a step to end child force this is not the sad part the sad part is that some of these kids parents don't even have conditions and they make their kids work and not have an education so they can improve themselves,my dad used to work when he was 4 years of age my grandpa used to tell him to milk the cows and then my grandpa used to put the buckets of milk inside a big jug my dad said the jug used to be bigger than him, my dad has 12 older brothers they all worked when they were little now my dad is 45 years of age and I see his hands and what I see is very rough hands that have worked almost all of his life.

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