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The Dance Of The Song Essays

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At the beginning of the song, there was rhythmic breathing in the music, and a single spotlight in the left corner of the dark stage was placed on the group of dancers in a huddled pile on the floor. Before each before each breath exhaled in the song, all of the dancers moved around in a circular formation. Slowly, they formed the huddled pile on the group after they heard the breathing. As the dancers started to separated, a couple of people elegantly elongated parts of their body, such as gracefully kicking a leg in the air or reaching their arms to the ceiling. On each breath one dancer moved herself away from the group, and another girl strayed away as well until every dancer is spread out across the stage. The dancers continued to dance on a low level, but each dancer carries out a different, yet similar movement. They would move a moderate paced and occasionally would pause in the middle of the movements, imitating somebody catching a gasp of breath. More of the dances performed on the ground involved rolling on the floor with stretch legs and reaching their arms up to the ceil...

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