Essay on Dadaism and Conceptual Art: Marcel Duchamp

Essay on Dadaism and Conceptual Art: Marcel Duchamp

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In this essay I will analyze and evaluate how Duchamp’s exhibition of readymade objects changed the status and value of artistic authorship. Readymade is a term devised by Marcel Duchamp in 1915 to label manufactured objects remote from their practical setting and raised to the prestige of art by the action of an artist’s choice and label.
Marcel Duchamp was a French-American painter and sculptor. His work is linked with Dadaism and conceptual art, a movement that examined suppositions of what art must be, and in what way it should be arranged. Duchamp has had an enormous influence on twentieth-century and twenty first-century art, impelling the development of post–World War I Western art. Alongside Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, Duchamp is universally looked upon as an artist who assisted to delineate the avant-garde advances in painting and sculpture in the initial years of the twentieth century.

Ready-made art is the usage of mass-produced products in art. Duchamp's most noticeable and debated piece was Fountain, a piece which grew contempt from the general public, as it was not seen as art. He famously dubbed a urinal as an art work and named it Fountain. Its basic and extemporaneous practice irritated people, challenging conventional thought about artistic processes whilst rejecting the developing art market through revolutionary anti-art. This is a Classic example of dada anti-art, attacking the art establishment by substituting an object bought in a plumbers shop for sculpture. This object was bound to cause offense and tested what people thought of as art. The Signature was not his name, yet another attack on authenticity of the artist and the price of an artist’s signature. This would shake America out of its ap...

... middle of paper ... skill to stay distinctive in spite of the adverse response he was given. Along with many ReadyMades, The Fountain was one of the most controversial pieces of its time.
Through this essay I have identified the serious difficulties following from the introduction of the readymades. The position and part of the artist as a creator of art works deviates in numerous ways; the Fine Arts are no longer necessarily the arts of genius, the common question ‘what is art? Is now being substituted for ‘when is art?’, and it presents the problem of replication; redefining the discrepancy amid original and copy. The readymade shifts the identification of art from the conditions (and authorship) of its creation to the conditions (and authorship) of its designation and display, empowering its selection as much as implementation to befit as an effective sign of artistic status.

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