Cyber Terrorism And The Internet Essay

Cyber Terrorism And The Internet Essay

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The term “cyber terrorism” refers to the use of the Internet as a medium in which an attack can be launched such as hacking into electrical grids, security systems, and vital information networks. Over the past four decades, cyber terrorists have been using the Internet as an advanced communication tool in which to quickly spread and organize their members and resources. For instance, by using the instantaneous spread of information provided by the Internet, several terrorist’s groups have been able to quickly share information, coordinate attacks, spread propaganda, raise funds, and find new recruits for their cause. Instantaneous and unpredictable, the technological advantages these terrorists have obtained from using the Internet includes the resourceful and reasonably secure means of communication it provides. However, several governments, media stations, and joint-agencies have tried to counteract these methods of cyber terrorism by observing and categorizing the key characteristics of these terrorists in order to termination and/or manipulate the flow of information they possess.
In the words of John Arquilla: “The greatest advantage [of the Internet] is stealth” (Kaplan 2006). Through the practice of using encryption tools and inventive methods, terrorists have made the Internet a resourceful and secure means of communication. For instance, terrorists are able to generate hidden messages and saved email drafts, which can be used to send private information across the world, in a matter of seconds. Another advantage of the Internet (used by cyber terrorists) is the ability to operate remotely and anonymously (from a secured location) until they have committed an act of terror. At the same time, cyber terrorism is often cheap...

... middle of paper ... activity. The media should also focus their attention on explaining the complex background of cyber terrorism and the methods people can use to prevent it from happening.
General Tactics
While most targets of cyber terrorism are large organizations, governments, administrations, businesses, and financial institutions there are steps an individual can take to guarantee that they can protect themselves or minimize the damage of cyberterrorism. The first step is to use strong passwords with a long combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Internet users should also use different passwords for different websites to create a secure online profile. Another means of protecting a user’s online activity is to use secure operating systems, virtual machines, and networks. Lastly, it is important to check one’s personal network for any possible vulnerabilities.

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