Customer Relationship Management, Organizational Performance, Manufacturing Industry

Customer Relationship Management, Organizational Performance, Manufacturing Industry

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Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to focus on the customer relationship management in manufacturing industry in Jaipur. Establishment the customer relationships have always been a vital aspect of business. Hence, this article purpose to clarify the effect of CRM practices to organizational performance in the manufacturing industry. The main purpose of the paper is the explain of the current state of customer relationships and utilizing of CRM in manufacturing industry. This paper explain the problem in practical conditions and determines potential opportunities for improvement in CRM.
Keywords: customer relationship management, organizational performance, manufacturing industry
Customer relationship management has an increasing popularity and is becoming one of the hottest theoretical and practical topics in the business field. In fact, due to the emulous environment, CRM is vital for firm performance.
In literature, several definitions were given to describe CRM. In early 1980, CRM was called “Contact management” which mainly collected and documented all information regarding companies and their customers in order to conserve valuable customers, as mentioned by [Gordon, 1999].[Beckett-Camarata et al. 1998] have define that managing relationships with their customers (especially with channel partners, strategic alliance partners, and employees) were important to the firm 's long-term success. they was also emphasized that CRM based on equity significantly assists and social exchange the firm in developing cooperative, collaborative and profitable long-term relationships. [V. Chlebovsky, 2005] defines CRM as an interactive process with the aim to reach the optimal balance between the satisfying the needs of cu...

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...k the concept and argues that CRM must be viewed as more than a tool but part of a deeply embedded strategic disposition that enables the business to outperform its competitors in competitive advantage.
Based on these definitions discussion, defines CRM as a basic extensive company strategy to serve information and data through the use of information technology to establish a long-term relationship with customers. It is impossible for organizations to stay competitive without having a close relationship with the customers. Therefore, it is important for organizations to use CRM practices to build a strong relationship with the customers for improving firm performance.
However, the understanding of customer relationship management is still partial and growing. Customer relationship management can be understood as a business strategy, philosophy, process, or technology.

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