Essay On Customer Service Agents

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In most careers today, human interaction plays a key role in day to day work. Usually, people work with other people in their line of work. Even one man jobs deal with people at one time or another. In a lot of careers, people are helping other people. Sometimes, it’s hard to help someone when you don’t fully understand how to deal with what they are feeling or going through. That’s why when people are taking the path to many careers through college, they often end up having to take a psychology class of some sort. Psychology helps us better understand people’s emotions and actions. It can help people study others personalities and behaviors and come up with theories or hypotheses. Taking psychology can benefit almost every career out…show more content…
Their job literally consists of helping others with their problems. Customer service agents are in all type of businesses. Many private businesses have them to get a better relationship with their customers. Many retail businesses have them to deal with any problems customers might have with the service they had. In order to get a degree for Customer Service at least 60 hours needs to be completed, according to Ohio University (Ohio University, 2015). They need to complete at least one Psychology class to graduate (Ohio University, 2015). Psychology helps them deal with people who are having outbursts of anger because they aren’t happy with something that happened through the company. Psychology also helps them keep sane in their line of work by accepting that they aren’t going to make everyone happy in the end of the day. They also have to keep their own emotions under control and not show any attitude. The role of a customer service agent should not be taken lightly. They learn to deal with them as professionally as possible, always being available, polite and apologetic, while getting a positive outcome (Handel, 2015). The customer’s experience is going to be better based on how well they are treated. If customers don’t feel like they were treated right by the customer service agent there is a chance they won’t end up going back to that business. In the United States the median salary for customer service agents…show more content…
I chose to research on Customer Service Agents because they seem to be needed in most places of business and it was good to know information about them. I chose to research teachers because I plan on becoming a teacher as my career and it was good for me to find out all the important information that I was going to end up needing to know anyways. After researching these careers and the roles psychology has in each, I have realized how important psychology is and how it ends up helping in day to day
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