The Current Course Of English Learners Essay

The Current Course Of English Learners Essay

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According to Marshall and Willis, the policy determines some significant gaps in the current course of study. Specifically, the ability to meet and adequately address the individual needs of English learners (ELLs/ESLs) and other diverse learners exemplify a major gap. We need to ensure more fairness in providing all American students, regardless of race, income, location, language, abilities, disabilities, ethnicities, or sexual orientation, with academic opportunities to excel.

Good, Masewicz, and Vogel (2010) also addresses how English learners’ needs (ELLs’ and ESLs’) are often ignored by the present curriculum. The authors clearly expose various barriers that cause this break. For example, communication failures, “culture clashes; poorly articulated ELL plans; lack of teacher training in multiculturalism, language acquisition, and ELL instructional strategies; and a lack of support systems for families transitioning to a new environment and culture” are some problematic challenges (Good, Masewicz & Vogel, 2010, p. 321). Meaning cultural clashes must be directed and understood to bridge these gaps. These authors studied Latino students and parents as a striking example to reveal "Traditional cultural values and beliefs of Hispanic families focus on relationships and not on competitive factors such as academic achievement.

These values can contrast sharply with those of the mainstream U.S. Educational system, in which individualism" (Good, Masewicz & Vogel, 2010, p. 322). The writers further allege, “Great Debates continue over the crusades of the achievement gap and strategies for closing it, yet few would argue that parental involvement is essential for student success. When parents are involved in education, pupils ...

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...more dynamic goal, among students, parents, communities, teachers, and potential post high school vocational schools, colleges, and universities. There will be more emphasis on remediation goals and college readiness lesson plans, activities, counseling and even judgments.

Moreover, another article investigates how this opening gap will be addressed. Alger and Luke, (2015), “The School Counselor Perspective: Preparing Students to be College and Career Ready within a Comprehensive School Counseling Program”. The authors envision how more partnerships with advocates, liaisons, and concerned stakeholders will transpire to “ensure students’ academic achievement and preparation for life” (Alger & Luke, 2015, p. 17). They also advocate a comprehensive model that “is preventative in design, while developmental in nature with programs that encourage student achievement”.

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