The Current Country Of Origin Labelling Laws Essay

The Current Country Of Origin Labelling Laws Essay

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Consumer rights issue:
The current country of origin labelling laws are not providing adequate protection to consumers and their rights. Under the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) consumers are to be protected against being misled by country of origin labels. However the issues within this consumer right are not being sufficiently addressed by the Australian government. If approached correctly the Australian government may use strategic law reforms to solve this serious consumer rights issue. The role of the ACL (Australian Consumer Law) is to ensure that consumers are guaranteed products of reasonable quality. Consumers are entitled to assume that products are safe. Properly informing them on the country of origin of a particular good will not solve the safety issues which imported goods may have. Making reforms and recommendations to the Australian government about this issue will enable consumers to gain more trust in country of origin labelling . The Australian government must make it easier for consumers to understand the labels. They must also consider more testing be performed on imported goods due to the recent decreasing percentage of testing completed. This will enhance consumers trust in labelling.

Issues caused:
Consumers can often be misled or uninformed of important information when it comes to country of origin labelling. Consumers should have the right to have sufficient knowledge on where a product was made and whether it is safe for them to consume. Earlier this year the Hepatitis A scandal raised alarms and brought a lot of attention to the country of origin issues in Australia today. The contamination occurred from the poor handling of the berries and the lack of quality assurance in ...

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... coming into Australian are not safe the country of origin labels are not living up to their purpose and therefore consumers are not protected. Improving the testing on imported food will obviously help to reduce previous issues which have occurred such as the Hepatitis A scare earlier this year.

The Australian government must further investigate the current testing regime and review the risks that may be caused if these tests are not fully undergone. By increasing the percentage of imported goods which are tested consumers would therefore have more trust in the country of origin labelling and belief in the safety of the goods they purchase. Although these new reforms will cost the government a substantial amount of money these recommendations must be considered to protect consumers as much as possible to ensure they receive all their given rights and good health.

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