Consumer Law Case Study

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Marketing is a system of business activates designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want-satisfying products, services and ideas to customers in order to achieve business objectives. Consumer law protects consumer’s rights in the marketplace as well as fair trading, competition and accurate information. On the other hand, ethical aspects of marketing are about making marketing decisions that are morally right. However, consumer law and ethical aspects of marketing have a lot of advantages and disadvantages in the marketplace, which impacts business 's sales and growth like it happened to: Harvey Norman, Nurofen, apple, etc.
Consumer law
Business must ensure that they are up to date with the current laws and that they
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The competition and consumer act aims to discourage price discrimination in the business environment if the discrimination could substantially reduce competition. An example of price discrimination would be Apple with the distribution of IPhone 5c around the world, the prices vary from $500-$1,500(local currency). The IPhone 5c is less-profitable for Apple but still the price range has a big gap e.g., in Singapore the iPhone costs $948, but in the UK it costs $529 . There are three types of price discrimination (first degree, second degree and third degree) and they all discriminate differently. The price discrimination in business will increase revenue, they will attract more consumers and will enable companies to stay in business. The consequences for price discrimination is that the manufacture/business will get sued by consumers for price discrimination especially when paying higher prices, decline in consumer surplus, there may be administrative costs of separating the markets etc. However, Price discrimination has a lot of impacts on consumers and business owner 's around the world but most importantly it affects people that have been discriminated over the price for the same
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