The Curious Life Of Human Cadavers Essay

The Curious Life Of Human Cadavers Essay

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People are constantly dying around the world and are rushed to the hospital in an attempt to save the individual’s life and keep them with us on this globe. When someone dies, the responder will expect the individual to figure out if he or she is a donor. Usually the donor is completely dead, meaning all the organs have begun to stop their usual function. The purpose of “How to Know If You’re Dead,” by Mary Roach is circles around a brain-dead person by whom she calls patient H. The text goes through the operation of H and presents ideas and issues during the operation. Organs are still ongoing their function but the patient is marked as deceased whether the person was killed before or cause of the operation.
I read “How to Know If You’re Dead,” by Mary Roach but it was only a section from the book “Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers.” The text was written as an article. The purpose was to explain interpretations on whether when the soul has left the body and when all that remains is a lifeless corpse. Throughout history, doctors have been confused about the location of the soul. “Before brain activity could be measured, the stopping of the heart had long been considered the defining moment[of death]”(Roach1). This confusion is due to the lack of technology, hence doctors considered the heart being the source of the soul, because the heart is always beating and is a very active part of the human body. “What shows up first in the embryo must be most important and therefore most likely to hold the soul” (Roach2). Doctors suggest this idea. Regarding this, a professor and surgeon, Matteo Colombo (c.1516-1559) discovered that the liver was formed prior to the heart. As a matter in fact, societies in the pas...

... middle of paper ... another person’s life. Surgeons are not murders in my mind. The operator only does what he is required or asked to do. I do find it saddening on the thought that the person’s body is very much lively however not in the brain. If I was a surgeon, I could not imagine being able to look at a pumping heart as nothing more than just a pump.
The author’s description of her experience of the operation of H and provided insight and informed issues on the subject. There is a growing population of people needing organs to become available. Sadly, people are dying everyday because of the low amount of available. Brain-dead patients continue to appear on gurneys and are doctors and families wonder if this person is sentient. Throughout literature, writers have expressed their approach on death. Humans will forever be agoged to death. In the end, everyone meet the same fate.

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