Essay about Culture Is A Society 's Set Of Unique Patterns, Behaviors, And Beliefs

Essay about Culture Is A Society 's Set Of Unique Patterns, Behaviors, And Beliefs

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There are many different types of cultures and ways people would react in different situations. When a person thinks of the word culture they start to think of races, places, and states. Culture is in fact a lot more than that, culture is a society’s set of unique patterns, behaviors and beliefs (M.A., Lucas, Social Psychology Sociological Perspectives 3rd edition). Culture can be identified in various ways for example, the way you feel about certain situations or how would one person react differently from the way they grew up environmentally or religiously. The way a person was raised environmentally, physically, and spiritually all have an effect on other cultures. The way a person would normally act would no longer act that way due to the actions of the past. Different cultures affect other cultures in almost any way possible.
Twins are a great example for culture. If society were to put two twins on different spots of the earth nowhere near each other, they would probably look the same but would be totally completely different people. One might be into sports due to the wea...

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