Collision Of Two Cultures Essay

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In this essay I will be addressing the argument if there is a collision of “two cultures” in this book. I will look at the fact the Hmong people have their own medical practices that is completely different from the western medicine practices. I will look at the fact that the Hmong and the doctors did not communicate well and that it’s hard for those people of different cultures to understand one another. I will argue that there is a distinct collision of the two cultures and that the meaning is the issue with communications and follow through. The meaning of the two cultures is to show that communication and trust is necessary. The evidence is shown when the Hmong and the doctors wasn’t able to communicate properly and when the two cultures…show more content…
As shown in this text “If [doctors] continue to press their patients to comply with a regimen that, from the Hmong vantage, is potentially harmful, they may find themselves, to their horror, running up against that stubborn strain in the Hmong character which for thousands of years has preferred death to surrender (Fadiman 51).” In actuality the non-compliance is the reason why the Hmong and doctors had a clash of culture.
The Hmong culture and the western culture is practically the opposite. In the Hmong culture everything is connected whether its medicine, religion, or lifestyle. In the Western culture each aspect of it is distinct and is more fact oriented rather than Spiritual. The clash of these cultures also brings up a clash of two different philosophies and morals.
“Which is more important, the life or the soul? (pg. 277)” This quote literally shows the Western vs Hmong people perspective in philosophies. The doctors are focused on saving her physical life and body. The Hmong are focused of saving her soul so that Lia can live her life and have a good afterlife. This clash was not an argument which culture was better in treating her but more of which philosophy had more value. This clash happened because of the difference of opinion along with the lack of communication of those
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