Essay on Cultural Studies : An Interdisciplinary Field Of Research

Essay on Cultural Studies : An Interdisciplinary Field Of Research

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Cultural studies are courses geared towards improving student 's awareness of their culture 's impact in their individual lives and also in a global perspective. Courses such as African-American studies. Chicano 'Chicana studies, and Asian-American studies provide student with the knowledge and confidence necessary to approach current and future issues (directly or indirectly related to race) effectively. Moreover, cultural studies classes go beyond racial issues. As said by the University of North Carolina, "cultural studies is an innovative interdisciplinary field of research and teaching that investigates the ways in which "culture" creates and transforms individual experiences, everyday life, social relations and power" (par. 1). The overall intention of ethnic studies, similar to any class, is to provide students with significant educational benefits that trumps knowledge gained outside of the classroom; nonetheless, there is a realm of mixed opinions in response to these courses, both positive and negative.

The director of Raza studies in Tucson, Arizona claimed that kids have a dysfunctional relationship to school, as opposed to learning (Precious Knowledge). He also suggested that there is simply. a lack of interest in school because students do not recognize how the information presented in classes relates to them if it is not correlated to their future goals. The mentality is, "Why do I need to learn about biology if I do not want to become a biologist". However, ethnic studies classes directly relate to the students within and outside the ethnicity that is focused on within the course, because it provides an opportunity for students to understand the impact and contribution of the particular culture on the rest of th...

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...d help the United States move toward a post-racial society. Similar to the effect of "The Cosby Show", which, "played some role at chipping away at [the] negative images which made white people... more ready to embrace a lot of things" (Poussaint, 77), perhaps the banning of the Raza program and the attention received from it can be used to initiate more acceptance at a later time.

Although the program itself and the outcomes of it are viewed differently amongst the community of Tucson, Arizona; I believe it is obvious that our sense of unity as a whole is still a work in progress. Unfortunately, without a sense of unity we as a society are weak and can/will be largely affected by even the smallest hiccup amongst any race. Over time hopefully a happy medium \ ill be reached, and all ethnicities can co-exist with a feeling that 's better than being
merely content.

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