Cultural Interactions between the British and the Native Characters Essay

Cultural Interactions between the British and the Native Characters Essay

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In the novel, A passage to India, Forster tries to bring to light the cultural interactions between the native Indians and their colonialists the British. It considers if there may be a possibility of personal relationships between the natives the British so as to develop a mutual satisfaction. In this novel he, tries to consider if the natives can be able to connect with the British, and vice versa (Forster, 1979: 26). The novel explores the Anglo-Indian friendship, paying attention to describing the two societies that are to be found there; natives and the British. Throughout Forster’s novel, he explores thoroughly in the barriers existing of inter-racial friendship. It shows how different cultures that are forced to intermix, find themselves misunderstanding each other and the consequences that emanate after the misunderstandings. He discusses the human beings failures in communication satisfactorily and the failure they have in eliminating biasness, in the establishment of relationships.
Based on the notion that Englishmen and Indian are equal, Fielding and Aziz build a friendship. Even though this friendship exists between them still it does not help in tying the Anglo-Indian union. This friendship of theirs is discussed on a personal level for we expect that in colonies friendship existing cannot be on an equal basis. At the beginning, it is noted that Aziz is against the British but after some time, after a meeting at the Mosque with Mrs. Moore he changes his opinion. The two nations; India and Britain would have been great friends if they treated each other like Fielding and Aziz. But as long as the British ruled the native Indians as their masters, resentment of each other will be in existence. Fielding and Aziz converse...

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...elding] and the native Indian slave [Aziz] cannot be equal. Fielding goes against his cultures and norms to keep his friendship with his friend Aziz. The cultures of the two societies were at loggerheads with each other. Some of the Indian cultures and British cultures were misunderstood by both. Aziz representing the Indians stands out as an individual who promises something with no intention of fulfilling it while the British kept to their promises to the later. The culture of the British society, symbolizes the Indians as a woman. They are the masculine ones; Fielding flies back to England coming back with a wife. This helps him not to be labeled a woman, because of his closeness and friendship with Aziz. It is evident that the cultures that the two societies have differ from each other.

Works Cited

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