Cultural Identity : The American Culture Of Fast Food, Football, And Brash Freedom Of Speech

Cultural Identity : The American Culture Of Fast Food, Football, And Brash Freedom Of Speech

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It has been a journey to understand the importance of culture in the classroom and how diversity in the classroom prompts higher education. As a future educator, it is important to be culturally aware and create a curriculum that tailors to the many different backgrounds of my students such as class, race, and ableism. As my final paper, I will reflect on my pervious beliefs and thoughts.
Living in the United States of America lives of every culture is exposed to the American culture of fast food, football, and brash freedom of speech. Although, America is hugely influenced by these hyphenated identities, oftentimes people are stereotypical of the different cultures they encounter, which creates false labeling of a group of people. My cultural identity is Haitian-American, I am U.S. born, first generation, and I consider English as my first language. In the past I have struggled to find my place, who I am, or who I should be in White America. Stereotypes/prejudices has found itself in safe havens such as school and at home.
In school I never realized I was black until I was put in a predominantly white school. To experience color, so unusual for me, to be black and for me to know I am black in each class period, was an indescribable feeling. I was outcast in simple ways, such as sharing hair brushes because girls felt my hair was too greasy or my texture was wrong. It was always the smallest things I notice that would make me feel different from my classmate, for example, saying auntie instead of aunt, or kouveti instead of covers; all which I thought was normal. I did a lot of self-deprecation to feel accepted because it was the only tactic I knew to feel accepted. At home, American ideals were forced on me through television/...

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...afe platform for every student to speak and share. Lastly, Mrs. Morhaus let me tutor two of her students on a writing assignment, I did my best to allow the students to use their personal ideas and curiosity in their surreal fiction.
In conclusion, I believe this course has motivated me to think independently and has allow me to explore different ideas and relearn what I thought I knew. Mostly, it is a long process to decolonize my mind of insensitivity behavior or what is normal, I must practice action of fairness and unbiased ideas in order to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. The knowledge and experience I gained in this course will be the foundation as I pursue the next step in my education degree. I feel as if a paradigm shifts has already occur within myself as I stray away from the single-story and replace my pervious thoughts with my new observation.

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