Cultural Diversity in New York Essay examples

Cultural Diversity in New York Essay examples

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  The United States as a whole is seen as the land of opportunity. New York is a major central for diversity and because of that many people from different cultural atmospheres have brought their families and dreams to New York City. Although Immigration patters throughout the last 200 years have varied, New York has consistently seen people from around the world move to the city and call it home. From the earliest points in our history as a nation, New York has been a center for trade and economic growth. New York is known world wide as a cultural melting pot. While other states have had immigration surges, none have compared to the diversity and sheer number of immigrants that have made their way to the City. This paper will focus on the Immigration patterns and the diverse, yet culturally similar communities within New York.
  Although not all immigration is done legally, with proper documentation, the U.S. Census recognizes that from 2008-2012, 36.9% of ‘foreign born persons’ lived in New York City. This means the 36.9% of the immigrants who moved to the United States chose to move to the City. In fact, more than one third of all immigrants in New York have arrived in here since 2000, making this one of the largest immigration spikes that NYC has ever seen before. Since 1970 the immigration percentages from Europe have decreased by 64%, although this may seem as if it means that immigration has decreased, that is not the case. In fact, 6 out of every 10 New Yorkers are immigrants or the children of immigrants. That is, 60% of all people living in New York have a direct link to immigration. While the European immigration numbers have fallen throughout the years they have been replaced by a rapidly growing Chinese-American and ...

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