Ellis Island

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On December 31, 1890 a transition in history occured. New York City would start a new era in the history of the United States starting with the opening of Ellis Island as an immigration depo. This attracted many immigrants to the United Stated because of more job opportunities and as means to start a new life. As more immigrants came to America, it began to be known as the "land of opportunities". Immigrants coming in filled work spaces in industries with the hopes of someday becoming successful. These immigrants helped prove to other future immigrants that if you moved to America then you could start a better life for yourself and your families. On the other hand with positives come negatives and there were many involving immigration.

Immigration defined means the act of coming to a foreign country to live(Lowell, 2006). Ellis Island was responsible for millions of people entering the U.S. and during this time the immigration station was carrying the load being accountable for approxametly 90% of immigrants entering the United States(Fairchild, 1996). Before Ellis Island became an immigration depot, then an immigration station the individual states of America handled immigration. On the first day of Ellis Island becoming an immigration station 700 individuals, mostly from northwest Europe, passed through. The first official immigrant being Annie Moore, a young 14 year old girl traveling with her two younger brothers from County Cork, Ireland(Chabotte,2009). For being the first immigrant to pass through the gates she was given a ten dollar gold piece which would help her journey into a foreign country. Along with Annie Moore the lack of money would be a major problem for future immigrants taking the same journey.


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...ns until 1954. Today Ellis Island is a part of the statue of liberty monument, this occured in 1965. In 1990 an immigration museum was created. Today any person can travel to Ellis Island and take a look at many of the original immigrants belongings. Some people may even be able to connect their herritage together. At the museum images and signatures of original travelers can be seen. This country was created to escape persecution and allow a place to be formed where everyone is equal and free. Many immigrants may have come to escape, become rich, look for a job, be free to practice their own religion or just for a fresh start. This began when the first immigrants escaped Great Britain and continues even in the United States today. The United States was built by immigrants for immigrants and will continue to be the "land of opportunity"(Ellis,2003).

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