Cross Cultural Communication During The Cold War Ended And The Installation Of Multinational Companies

Cross Cultural Communication During The Cold War Ended And The Installation Of Multinational Companies

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With globalization, cross cultural communication is taking more and more importance in companies. Indeed, freedom of movement of workers and the installation of multinational companies all over the world bring different cultures to meet. Mostly since the cold war ended and the developping countries are taking more and more importance in the world economy.
That is why companies, in order to be effective, need nowadays managers well prepared to handle cross cultural communication. To supply this demand, the cross cultural communications are studied by specialists from different fields like anthropology, cultural studies, etc. Thanks to these studies, managers now have some keys to handle perfectly a multicultural team.

First of all, cross cultural communication plays a role in many different fields. Indeed, the first barrier is the language. People from different countries most of the time do not speak the same language and having a translator can alter the meaning of some words leading to some misunderstandings, and even when people speak the same language, there are still enough differences to create issues. For example, in french from France, « gosses » mean « kids » while in Quebec, it refers to a part of the male genitals… Therefore, whenever the manager spreads to his team information and monitor it, he has to be sure that everybody understood the message. First, by using simple words which do not have several different meanings and second by looking at how the team behave right after the release of the information, and, in case there is a problem, explain again differently to whom may not have understood.
Then, cross cultural communication plays a role in gestures and this is the field which can lead easily to b...

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...ther who used to be a director of the executive council of Philipps had the task to implant Philipps in China when the communist authority decided to open its borders to capitalism. This was a great opportunity but also a great challenge for others, and even a catastrophic moment for some others… Why ? Simply because there is a concept of respect in China which socialy forbids people to say « no » or contradict someonelse, because if you do, you make them « lose the face ». Therefore, when you ask someone to do a specific task and he tells you yes, he will perhaps not do it or he will do it differently because he thought your way was wrong. Therefore, the manager has to be constantly in formation to learn more and more about other cultures and management styles and he also has to find good people around him to help him manage specific issues between specific cultures.

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