Criminology : Crime And Criminals Essay

Criminology : Crime And Criminals Essay

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Criminology is the study of crime and criminals. Being a criminologist lets you see things first hand at a crime scene, some TV shows about crime and crime solving bring more interest in becoming a criminologist. Criminology is a part of science, including its causes, responses by law enforcement, and methods of prevention. It is a subgroup of sociology, which is the scientific study of social behavior. Even though criminology is science, to be a better criminologist it helps to have analytical thinking and be able to think subjectively about the world.
A method that is really used in criminology to find out who a person is, is their fingerprints. It has been scientifically proven that no two fingerprints are the same everyone has their own different type of fingerprint. Nobody has the same fingerprint repeated on other fingers and no one else has the same fingerprint all fingerprints are different and can be used to identify someone. Fingerprint identification has served governments for over 100 years and have helped find identifications for many criminals, they are the basis for criminal history at basically every police agency on earth. This method of identification is still used very often today. Fingerprints are now used as phone passwords, on some papers fingerprint is used as a verification of someone. Tracking fingerprints at crime scenes is a way to lead to more suspects and help make more evidence at the crime scene for the court.
As said in the website Crime Scene Forensics, LLC (history of fingerprints), “The first way fingerprints started to be used was in 1858 when Sir William Herschel a British administrator started using fingerprints for signatures on civil contracts. In 1891 Juan Vucetich an Argentine police ...

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...s between the ages 16-20 are mostly non-violent crimes and the rate of crimes from there goes down. Even though juvenile offenders may grow out of doing crimes, that may occur at different rates for anyone. Overall 28% of indigenous criminals female and 683% male had contact with criminal justice. Some of the more common offences done by juvenile offenders are things such as graffiti, shoplifting, and fare evasion. Other crimes from adult offenders are bad because, adults are more experienced and have more knowledge about their rights and the world around them. Overall criminology and being a criminologist is to help the world be a better place and to let there be justice on crimes committed by anyone whether it be a juvenile offender of an adult offender. Criminologist work to help protect society and to stop or help prevent crime in the feature before they happen.

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