Essay about Criminal Investigation Unit At 5

Essay about Criminal Investigation Unit At 5

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Today is September 8th. I arrived at the Criminal Investigation Unit at 5:58 pm and left at 11:30 pm. First thing I did was to turn in the case list of the cases I reviewed last week to Lieutenant Culberson, and then I assigned three pending cases to its corresponding detectives. Detective Robinson was on his way to see an individual in the hospital that was involved in an aggravated assault case that occurred last night. We arrived at the Emory Hospital and met with the aggressor. He claimed he was defending himself from the lady who told the officer last night she was punched in the face. The detective recorded the conversation. Detective Robinson said after the interview, that last night he went to see the victim and saw her injuries. Apparently, that was her boyfriend. Then today she was hit by a car by the same guy. She was been interviewed by another detective today.
We got back to the office. Then I asked Lieutenant Culberson if he had a few minutes to ask him some questions. My goal was to get more information about the agency that will support my descriptive essay. A little later after that, a police officer brought in a victim of a carjacking. Lieutenant Culberson and Detective Dumas interviewed the victim. The victim said he was driving and when he stopped at the stop sign, two males came to his car and pulled out a gun. The car was an antique car show. The victim did not have any paperwork on the car that will provide the VIN#. Detective Dumas tried to contact his insurance company but was unable to reach them. The victim went back to his house to see if he had any other document that could have the VIN# of the car or the tag #. The case will be put on hold until the victim can provide vehicle information. Detective R...

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...y witnesses. We then went to Emory hospital to speak to the victim. After waiting a while, we were able to enter trauma room and speak to the individual. Detective Robinson told me what to ask him. He said the same story. After he had got shot, he tried to text his friend, but the friend never came back and never answers his phone. He said the package came from his friend sister in Mexico. Detective said he was definably lying, so we decided to finish the interview and send the case for further investigation. According to one of the officers, there an eye witness that saw the attack while she was sitting in her car in the parking lot. Today I was able to be a valuable asset in an investigation. Even though I was not able to get much information from the victim, I was able to translate so the detective could ask the necessary questions to help him investigate the case.

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