Creator and Victims: Martin Luther King Jr. and Aron Hernandez Essay

Creator and Victims: Martin Luther King Jr. and Aron Hernandez Essay

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People make choices in life either good or bad to succeed or to be a failure. Today I will be explaining the differences between a creator and victim some things you should know about the two. A creator is a person who leads not follow. A person who wants to take their dream to turn it into a reality and that can change the world. Victims do more of the opposite. Victims make bad choices that can get them into a lot of trouble that can lead there career goals going downhill. Victim also fails to understand the word trying and I can. Victims are quick to give up on life and other goals they had and lean on the negative side and make the wrong decisions. In this essay I will give you examples of a creator and victim also a peak of my mindset on how I will be successful.

Martin Luther King is one of the biggest creators the world probably ever known. Martin Luther King represents all equal rights for all Americans, regardless of their background. Throughout all of his issues Martin still found a way to accomplish his dream by making this world an equal home. He was an outstanding lea...

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