The Legacy Of Martin Luther King Assassination

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Max Mudger Mrs. Oncu DE-11 20 December 2017 Martin Luther King Jr.’s Assassination A small number of people throughout history have had the opportunity to influence a nation of people, change their lives, and be a true symbol hope. The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has and will forevermore inspire how American society views equality. Dr. King was a religious leader and Civil-Rights activist in America when segregation was threatening the nation's stability. Looking back at King's life, it can be seen how he portrayed his goals for equality, enabled the country to rally against discrimination by becoming a martyr, and created a legacy for future generations of Americans to follow. Before leading the nation against racial discrimination,…show more content…
The legacy of Dr. King propelled America into a new realm of individual liberty by introducing the peaceful protest. Dr. King’s principle indicated that violence was not an option; peace was the way to lawfully achieve their rights. He even had young followers vow that they would act in an ethical way to justify their cause for equality. This positively impacted Dr. King's contribution to history because it continued to remind citizens of America to peacefully protest their government if it is unjust. Additionally, King often told his followers that their actions would be judged, not only now, but even by future generations. This helped ease racial tensions and continued to remind his followers to act peacefully. In doing so, protesters were able to think and justify their actions before they proceeded which paved the way for future generations of America. Furthermore, Dr. King's legacy is remembered as remarkable because he made America embrace this new form of protest. He suggested reality and love rather than anger. Overall, Dr. King's principle of nonviolent protest made his legacy quite noticeable and inspiring
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