The Pros And Cons Of Self-Motivation

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A common contradiction in today’s society is the philosophy related to self-motivation. The idea suggests two statements that oppose each other in meaning. Some people say, “Good things come to those who wait;” however, others propose that “Good things come to those who got out and earn it.” Both sides give adequate logic, but also as anticipated each proposal has its flaws as well. Choosing one or the other is not based off of merely correctness, but is a characteristic of one’s personality. Not all people in this world can commit to one of these ideas over the other. A person can choose to try one or the other, without being locked into one mind frame for the entirety of their life. As most things in the world today, the pros and cons of…show more content…
It is commonly said that, “God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers.” This statement supporting that those who can endure the trials and tribulations will ultimately see more reward in the end. The people that take the high road, and do not look for a quick fix to any problem will achieve greater self-achievement in all they do. To sit back and wait for good to happen to you is one of the worst characteristics a person could live by. It says a lot about someone in the sense that they have no ambition in life. These people are not willing to work towards a goal, because they are intimidated by the amount of work it requires. This group of people would instead be comfortable with letting time pass by wondering if it will ever come to them. What sets them apart from the doers is experience. Whether good or bad, the people in society that try to go out and earn it gain knowledge in their efforts. As I like to say in my own life, “Wisdom is the result of experience.” To keep pursuing towards what you desire in life is not leading towards failure, but steps towards greater things in life. Those who oppose the idea of going out to earn it see the mistakes as failures that are a waste of time; however, those who believe in going out to earn something see setbacks as not a waste of time, but a path leading to greater things in
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