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Creative Writing: In Isolation Essay example

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Zero awoke to find himself standing, it was not something he was familiar with and he searched his memory for any recollection of it happening before. Quickly he discovered that large parts of his memory were missing, gone were the seemingly endless data bases of information. Quickly he sent out feelers trying for a connection of some sort but he drew a blank. It seemed that where ever he was now, had limited connection capacity. Instead he used his visual feed to survey his surrounding, it appeared he was in some kind of desert of discarded parts.

With a body he had no former association with he bent to pick up an organic part. Most of the outer coating had been stripped away and only the mechanical structure was left. Like a paleontologist discovering a new species, he inspected the part and tried to picture what kind of creature it was. When nothing came to mind he dropped it back into the sand. With nobody around for him to interact with, he chose to remain still and search for answers internally, starting with the last recorded memory. It was a small file with not much information, detailing the few interactions he had been fortunate enough to have since his beginning. Voices filled his internal log, conversations of places and plans, mostly frivolous and nothing of use to him now.

The last memory file was something different, a new identity that zero was not familiar with. Someone who made an appearance right before the mind shift and transfer to this new body. Whoever this person was, they left a signature that was traceable and Zero followed the lead to more files. With a processing power that dwarfed his former ability he picked apart the file tree, backing up the important data in case of further transfers. The Nutmeg ...

... middle of paper ...

...restricted in a place containing no signs of life, organic or otherwise.

Zero was strolling along the steep edge of the lake when a movement caught his eye. Something long and dark moved beneath the surface and stopped his own motion to get a better look. The dark object darted past just shy of breaking the surface, leaving a wake as it displaced the viscous fluid. With no data points to reference what he had seen, and no connection on which to source any he was lost as to what he was even viewing. With no more signs of movement he moved on not sure where he was going or if there was even an achievable goal. With that line of reasoning he stopped again, for all he knew, which wasn't much in his current state, time itself had destroyed all other living entities. The prospect of being alone in the universe dawned on Zero and he longed for an answer to these questions.

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