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The Course Survey Of Reading Essay

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The course Survey of Reading has been a beneficial, interesting, and insightful learning experience. I have learned a lot of new topics throughout the course. In this course, I have enhanced my techniques for evaluating and teaching several literacy skills. As a future educator, I know various components of reading that will enlighten my instructional preparation.
First, teaching students vocabulary and word recognition is important before reading any type of book or passage. Throughout the course, I became familiar with a variety of approaches to teaching vocabulary so later I can help my students understand the complex meaning of words.
One important procedure I use to teach vocabulary is schemata development. I want my students to know how to activate their prior knowledge or experience with a certain topic so they can increase their comprehension. I can use different ways to activate prior knowledge. For example, if I was reading about trains I can ask several questions about their experiences or knowledge. What do you remember about being on a train? How did it sound? How did you feel? Another way is to have students bring in pictures for specific objects. Students can talk about what are in the photos, and any experiences they remember. Lastly, I can create a box filled with items connected to the subject of the text. For example, I could read a book about a tropical forest. I can put rocks, leaves, seeds, dirt, and sticks. Then I would take out each item and have students explain what they know about the item and how the item connects with the book. I can also provide anticipation guides for my students. These guides are a beneficial strategy before reading a passage so students can make predictions, anticipate text, and...

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...g difficulty. Also by implementing the use of the cloze procedure techniques will give a great opportunity to help my English- language learners. I believe the most significant assessment I will use throughout my teaching career is self-assessment. I want to involve my students in assessing their own work can give them a clearer sense of learning outcomes and motivate them to learn. I hope to encourage my students to make decisions about how they learn best.
Overall, I will use many of the concepts, and techniques from this course. To continue my student’s literacy growth, I can develop their growing awareness of language as persistent communication. I will also assist in creating experiences to meet all my students’ desires and interests. As a future teacher, I hope by implementing all of the reading strategies that my students will become successful readers.

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