The County of Hungry

The County of Hungry

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Let’s imagine a place that’s warm and humid in the summer and cold and rainy in the winter, a place where the rolling hills dominate most of the country side and the high peaks of the beautiful Mt Kekes towers towards the heavens like a grand monument. It’s a country filled with winding rivers that cut swift paths through the country side and the great Balaton Lake whose watery shores draw people in like the depths of a beautiful girls eyes. This grand place is the great country of hungry (my family’s native country) where many people and cultures have called their home and live in the different areas including places like the grand city of Budapest with the hustle and bustle of city life, to the rural country side filled with crops and other agricultural desires. In this paper I will describe the beautiful geography of this grand country and put a visual into the mind’s eye of traveling 1000 of miles without having to even leave your seat.
To start this journey to the grand land we will first look at the beautiful captivating waters that have drawn people to their shores for decades. To start we will look at the river that cuts through the grand city and capital Budapest, this river is the second longest river in the world this river cuts a 1,770 mile path through Europe and goes through the countries of Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine and meets its unsettling demise in the black sea. There are also several other rivers that flow through the country including but not limited to The Tisza, the Zagyva, and the Raba. The land also holds the Balaton Lake which is roughly 77 km in length and 3-4 m in the depth with the deepest spot reaching about 11m. This lake is one of the top summer resorts in the country with over 200 car loads of people who travel there every year to views its beautiful reflections. The land also holds more than just lakes and rivers. It is also home to the grand mountain Kekes which is part of the regions central highland belt formed from the intense volcanic heat of lava. This mountain is roughly 3327 ft tall and is the highest point in the mountain range. This wonderfully beautiful country is bordered by 7 different country’s which are Austria 366 km, Croatia 329 km, Romania 443 km, Serbia 166 km, Slovakia 676 km, Slovenia 102 km, Ukraine 103 km and as it happens hungry is as land locked as Colorado with no borders having touching any other large seas or oceans.

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The next stop on our journey we look at the people who inhabit this wonder full place.
The county of hungry is inhabited by roughly - 9,919,128 as of July 2014 and this population is spread through a mix of Rural- 3308351ppl city- 1701464.0ppl Urban- 6747428ppl who are all inside of this 93,028 sq km country. Now that’s too bad since a lot of country’s have a much higher population with a land size that is significantly smaller or even the same relative size just a lot more people. Now with all these people living in the country one must ask themselves well how healthy is this society and after much research it was found that this is a relatively healthy society with a birth rate of about 10 for every 1000 people and the infant mortality rate is about 5 for every 1000 births which is very good seeing as how such countries of Iraq, India, Kenya, and Laue is over 30 deaths per 1000 live births and is right next to the US which sees about 7 deaths per 1000 live births. Hungary also has a relatively average life expectancy of around 75 which is a bit lower than the United States of about 80 years but higher than Iraq’s 71 years, and north Koreas 70 Years, I also found that south Korea has an average life expectancy of that of the US which is 80 years. Hungary also sees about 2 people out of 1000 end up immigrating into the country from outside sources, however most if not all of the country is actually Hungarian so the immigrant population actually makes up only a small portion of the population size. Now when it comes to the distribution of age throught this population we find that about 15% is 15 or younger 15-24 years: 11.7% (male 596,005/female 561,606), 25-54 years: 41.6% (male 2,071,845/female 2,056,611),55-64 years: 17.8% (male 639,298/female 754,129),65 years and over: 17.5% (male 661,256/female 1,107,602) (2014 est.) Based on the data it can be seen that a nice majority o the population is older which is important because it means that people are living longer healthier lives. I also found that 100% of the population has access to clean drinking water and they have an obesity rating of about 25% which isn’t the best but is still better than the United States 33%.
Hungary is a wonderful country that I think would be an excellent place to visit, from the towering MT Kekes to the billowing grasslands that move with the waves of time to the great shores of the Balata lake that draw so many onlookers each summer to get lost in their deep blue Sapphire depths. It is a place where the sound of children can be heard and sound of a church bell ringing to signal a loss of life is only rarely chimed and a place where one can go to experience a whole new way of life and experience a coulter that is totally new.

For the next leg of our journey we will be looking at the politics of Hungary and the history that the country has seen in politics. We will also be looking at the things that Hungary are participating in outside of the country like conflicts and any agreements or alliances that they have formed over time. Then we will finish off by exploring the role of women in the coulter and by viewing the different religions and ethnic groups that make it up and the different languages that are spoken throughout this great and beautiful land, so take your seat and hold on as we travel over sea and land to a place that isn’t as perfect as a lot of people may think it is.
In Hungary they have a parliamentary democracy similar to use. They have the judicial, legislate, and executive branches. The executive branch and the country are currently run by Prime Minister Viktor ORBAN (since 29 May 2010) who although was at first thought to be creating the strongest government since the fall of communism in 1989 this however doesn’t last as victor starts to make changes to Hungary’s constitution that some feel are actually limiting the freedoms of Hungarian people. For instance the ability for the government to help students pay for college is limited to only those who decide to stay and work in the country. It also is apparent that not all are ok with his economic ways as he has very drastic economic policies that make his foreign partners worried. These new constitutional changes are also making many worried because it allows the legislature branch to be undermined and is making steps closer to a similar government of north Korea. Orban insists that this is all to help give the country a stronger government but new foreign policy’s on trading that’s causing his foreign partners to also be worried, and higher taxes being put on the central bank which is leading to the country’s drop in GDP since no one wants to loan from this bank any more. This then it leads one to think if victors methods are really panning out to be what the Hungarian government needs. During January of 2012 when the new constitution amendments were supposed to go into effect a giant rally of over 3000 people gathered in front of the parliament building in Budapest to try and protest the new amendments however it was to no use and the prime minister and his staff sat inside cheering and celebrating as the new amendments took effect. It is hard to decipher if what Orban is doing is good for the country of Hungary, it’s like he is trying to make the country a more self-sustainable place without the need of to much help which in turn is an ok thing because it allows the country to focus on what is best for the people of hungry but will also at the same time make others feel who want to leave the country like they have les options it may also make other country’s a little more upset and can in turn lead to the burning of bridges which could in turn could lead to the ejection from the EU and other foreign alliances . This is also causing an up rest to EU because it’s not a common policy strategy and is not common EU politics; they are quoted to say the following “concerns with respect to the principle of the rule of law, E.U. law and Council of Europe standards.” The US is also starting to raise alarm and have this to say the “the amendment could threaten the principles of institutional independence and checks and balances that are the hallmark of democratic governance.”
Currently the nation of Hungary has several alliances including the countries that are part of NATO or the north Atlantic Treaty Organization. This organization is also has delegates from Albania, Croatia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Canada, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxemburg, Netherlands, France, Germany, Greece, Romania, Norway, Spain, turkey, and USA as well as a few others. Currently NATO has deployed a force into Afghanistan and is currently the only conflict that Hungary is a part of. The force deployed is called the International Security Assistance Force; Hungary has deployed 337 troops to the force and are currently in Afghanistan. Troops from several other countries including the US are also being used in this task force. Hungary is also part of the European Union or EU but Hungary is currently worrying EU officials due to their constitutional amendments however I have read no other date from the EU about things they may do or consequences that Hungary might face for their un canny policy’s and constitutional amendments. Currently Hungary has also formed an agreement with the International order of Malta, this order is a christen organization with over 13000 members and specialize in christen generosity and helping the sick and those who are less well off. The current Malta relief corps located in Hungary has about 5000 regular and 15,000 casual volunteers and has 350 branches, 142 local volunteer groups, 210 institutes and 840 employees.
The country of Hungary is broken into 19 counties with 173 micro regions within it with Budapest being its own micro region. The history of these county’s date back to the time of sir king Stephen the first (975-1038), Since then the prefixes that go to the counties have changed from Royal, Nobilary, Civic, then Socialist (Council/Soviet) counties and more recently have been called local authority county’s ( since 1990). Within these counties there is a mix of different types of language and ethnic groups, in terms of language there is a mix of mostly Hungarian with a slight mix of other unspecified languages, and then in ethnic groups there are a mix of Hungarian, Romania, and other unspecified groups. Finally from a religious stand point there is a mix of Roman Catholic, Calvinist, Lutheran, Greek Catholic, other, none, unspecified.
For the last section of this paper we will examine the place of women in Hungary and what their roles are and is generally expected of them. For instance in Hungary moms are given 3 years of maternity leave however the pay is usually low and most marriages are over before the child is born so women in Hungary are actually in a relatively tough spot because they want to work but in the country they are expected to stay home and take care of the children and house while the husband goes out and makes the bread and butter however there isn’t a lot of feminist movements in Hungary and when interviewed by western feminist about why that is they generally answer with we do not have time with imported ideas like that and need to be more focused on such things as finding a stable job and trying to support their families. I did find a movement that was called the Hungarian women’s alliance however there main website was not in English like a lot of the websites I found and thus didn’t search into it too much. It is very interesting to see the dynamic that they want better things for themselves but don’t want the ideas of western feminists.
During the research of this report I got to learn a lot of things about this grand country and my want to go and visit is even stronger. It’s a beautiful fun country that although has a lot of problems in its politics still has a very interesting society that is filled with all sorts of different culture and ethnic groups and when it comes down to it is just a very dynamic and varied place. I also did some side research on some of the foods found and I really want to go and have dinner there to .

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