Cosmetic Surgery : A Horrible Trend Throughout The U.s. Society Essay

Cosmetic Surgery : A Horrible Trend Throughout The U.s. Society Essay

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Cosmetic surgery is a vile trend throughout the U.S. society. The world has always appreciated beauty, but this is now taking a toll on children who because of their age are unaware of the lasting consequences. While there is no age limit for any conclusive procedure, cosmetic surgery is more glorified to be glamorous than safe, and it is time to stop putting teen´s bodies in danger.
Teens oftentimes gain dignity and confidence when their physical faults are corrected, but dissatisfaction is shown to decrease the older one gets. Analysis directed toward boys and girls ages 11-18 found that body image satisfaction was higher at age 18 for both boys and girls. Participants were most discontented with reflected the culturally determined stereotypes accentuated throughout the nation, nevertheless, worldwide. Dr. Zuckerman shares that statistics show an increase in all kinds of plastic surgery among children and teens under 18. Though exiguous otorhinolaryngological, (nose and ears), surgeries are not dramatic, procedures on breast implants and liposuction are. The dangers of breast implants are exceedingly high; breakage & leakage, metal poisoning (silicone implants), debilitating autoimmune disease, memory loss, silicone migration into lymph nodes and other organs, poor concentration, death, arthritis & joint pain, and capsular contracture. (Chilkov, 1). Breast augmentation is no longer a risk, it has been considered a threat to teens’ lives.
“In 2012, more than 236,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on patients betweens 13 and 19, including more than 75,000 surgical procedures such as nose reshaping, breast lifts, breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tucks.” (Zuckerman, 1). Seldom examinations have been conducted to appr...

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...arts indicate that the average young woman gains weight between the ages of 18 and 21, and that is ostensible to change her rapaciousness or need for breast augmentation and liposuction.” (Zuckerman, 5). Long-term study has demonstrated that the human brain has not fully developed before the coming of mid 20s to early 30s. The decision-making quantum of the brain has exhibited to maturate as far as the age of 25, therefore a teenage girl/boy should, by no means, be having any specimen of surgical procedure to enlarge breasts, remove excess fat, or customize their body before it has even executed adequate growth. Otolaryngologists and cosmetic surgeons do not even take into consideration what kind of harm they have been/are putting on adolescents’ bodies, but neither do themselves. Age restrictions for cosmetic procedures are a crucial element to modern teens’ safety.

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