The Pros And Cons Of Non-Medical Cosmetic Surgery

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1109 words

“Beauty lasts five minutes, maybe longer if you have a cosmetic surgeon.”(Tia Carrere) Non-medical cosmetic surgery was initially devised as a noble technique to help patients with disfigured face or body parts. However, as the time elapsed it became merely a look enhancing procedure. Humans started exploiting it just for their personal pleasure and its real motive of resurrecting severe disfigured faces, eventually got replaced by enhancing one’s looks. In present, Non-medical cosmetic surgery has deviated many forms including mammoplasty, buttock augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, cheek augmentation, phalloplasty, blepharoplasty and many more. Non-medical cosmetic surgery expanded its boundaries from women, and soon entrapped men and teenagers too in its grasp. Although banning Non-medical cosmetic surgery would be considered as a violation of human rights and would anger people who believes it raises self-confidence, it should be done as it is a waste of money and time, has severe medical complications, and presents the patient as a person with weak personality. The decision to undergo Non-medical cosmetic surgery is both a waste of time and money. It takes enormous hard-work and a lot of time to collect enough funds for Non-medical cosmetic surgery. This time if utilised in a resourceful manner can reshape our lives, which otherwise goes as waste. Moreover, the prices of Non-medical cosmetic surgery are ever increasing. The copious amount of money, which we spend on Non-medical cosmetic surgery, finally ends up in the pockets of rich surgeons making them even richer with every operation we offer them to operate on. If we were to donate single dollar for charity, we would hesitate and consider twice, but we spend thousands... ... middle of paper ... ...oils our image in the society. If the non-medical cosmetic surgery is banned, more finance would remain in our own pockets which would lead to our better social conditions, our future generations would be more sensible as the superficial concept of beauty would not be bestowed upon them, and the deaths resulting from infections after cosmetic surgery would be considerably reduced. This ban can only be achieved with the collaborative effort of Government and society. Government must implement and enforce legislature stating the ban of non-medical cosmetic surgery, and society must accept this referendum without any protests or opposition. I am certain that if non-cosmetic plastic surgery is banned, the modern concept of ‘outer beauty’ will be replaced by more sophisticated concept of ‘inner beauty’ and our future generations wold be more sensible and more moralistic.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that non-medical cosmetic surgery was originally devised as a noble technique to help patients with disfigured face or body parts. however, as time elapsed, it became merely an look enhancing procedure.
  • Opines that non-medical cosmetic surgery is both a waste of time and money. it takes enormous hard-work and time to collect enough funds for it.
  • Explains that non-medical cosmetic surgery imposes various medical implications, such as abnormal heart rhythm, airway obstruction, blood clots, death, heart attack, malignant hyperthermia, nerve damage, stroke, and temporary paralysis.
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