Corporal Punishment in Schools Has Negative Effects Essay

Corporal Punishment in Schools Has Negative Effects Essay

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Corporal Punishment
“. . . His technique was to stand before a terrified twelve year old, demand his answer in Irish, and when the petrified and stuttering youngster faltered in his delivery, Brother B would unleash a staccato barrage of open handed slaps on both ears. He had been known to punch boys and to draw blood with his cane… ” (McEntee, John). This story is one of the thousand devastating stories told by a survival at age fifty. He survived the most awful experience in his childhood. His experience was full of fear, anxiety and physical punishment. His heartbreaking stories exhibit the burning memories that keep surrounding him anytime and everywhere he goes. His wonderful and innocent childhood was replaced with awful and horrible memories due to the use of corporal punishment in his school. Corporal punishment is cruel because it involves many physical actions that inflict pain and discomfort on the child, such as, slapping, spanking, hitting, paddling, punching, kicking and pulling ears. Teachers in the United States were permitted to use this kind of terrible punishment with their students, starting from age four to eighteen years old. In fact the United States is the only country in the western world that still uses corporal punishment in their public schools. Teachers are permitted to use a variety of objects like switches and belts or ironing cords, which could be applied, yearly, monthly, weekly or daily. Teachers used this kind of punishment with able and disabled children to keep their behavior under control. When I first researched corporal punishment, I was so surprised that United States still uses physical punishment in their public schools. Despite the fact that there are thousands of other effectiv...

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...e. 06 August 7, 2011

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