Copyright, Accessibility, Fraud, And Deception Essay example

Copyright, Accessibility, Fraud, And Deception Essay example

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It is important that all the work on the web is either done by the publisher or stated by reference. Everyone has the right to have equal opportunity to access and understand the web. Taking advantage of the Web and fraud the viewer can be considered as cyber crime.

 Introduction
This report discusses three important legal issues when publishing websites: Copyright, Accessibility, Fraud and deception. Plagiarize is not allowed, all the works that are published or even not published are copyrighted by the original author. No one has privilege, when publishing websites publisher needs to take into account of all the people, think about people with disability. As web develop, people spend more and more time online; Some people took advantage of this and deceive the web viewers, for instance, like selling things that are different from the picture provided, cheated their bank details or personal details.

 Main body
 Copyright

“works created after 1989 (in other words, nearly all new content) is automatically copyrighted by the author even if there is no copyright notice on the work.” (Jennifer Kyrnin, 2016) As nowadays we put high premium on human rights, the number of clause about Copyright is increasing. In the new EU draft law stated that if a hyperlink leads to copyrighted content, users need to ask for permission from the copyright holder. So the best way to prevent from breaking the copyright law when publishing a web page is by stating all the references or just by simply deleting all the unauthorized material. Editor of the web might think because of the authors of the original works need to find the infringement work by themselves, it may be time consuming, so the likelihood of being caught using the work is ...

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One way for the web to make money is to have adverts on it, but having a fake advert or advert with wrong information can also be considered as a scam. For instance, some of the download web for music or videos have advert looks similar to the download bottom. It can mislead viewer to accidentally click on it.

 Conclusions
There are lots of issues needed to be taken into account when issuing a webpage. First of all, publisher needed to make sure that all the works are theirs, or if it is other’s it has been referenced. Secondly, accessibility is essential so that the Web can provide equal access and equal opportunity to all the people. Thirdly, publisher need to state all the details or the difference between the actual things and picture when selling things online; fake adverts that mislead the viewer can also be considered as web fraud.

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