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  • The Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

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    The Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is perhaps the most notorious failure in the world of engineering. It collapsed on November 7, 1940 just months after its opening on July 1, 1940. It was designed by Leon Moisseiff and at its time it was the third largest suspension bridge in the world with a center span of over half a mile long. The bridge was very narrow and sleek giving it a look of grace, but this design made it very flexible in the wind. Nicknamed the

  • Collapse of Civilizations

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    The factors that lead to the “collapse” of civilizations are almost directly related to those that created it. Archaeologists characterize collapse by a number of elements, some of which we have evidence for, others we do not. Most archaeologists are unsure of exactly what caused the decline of most civilizations in the ancient world, yet there are many clues to some of the events that could have contributed. The collapse of the ancient Roman Empire, the Mesoamerican Mayan, and the Egyptian cultures

  • The Collapse of the Soviet Union

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    The Collapse of the Soviet Union The Soviet Union was a global superpower, possessing the largest armed forces on the planet with military bases from Angola in Africa, to Vietnam in South-East Asia, to Cuba in the Americas. When Mikhail Gorbachev succeeded Konstantin Chernenko as General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in March 1985, nobody expected than in less than seven years the USSR would disintergrate into fifteen separate states. Gorbachev's

  • The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe

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    The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe Communism is like Prohibition - it's a good idea but it won't work" (Will Rogers, 1927) (1) This essay will give a brief introduction to communism. It will then discuss the various factors which combined to bring about the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe. It will examine each of these factors and evaluate the effect of each. Finally it will attempt to assertain whether Rogers' opinion (see above quotation) on Communism is true, that is, whether

  • The Collapse of Society

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    members of so... ... middle of paper ... ...hy a complex society could potentially collapse. And aside from the two mentioned possibilities in the paragraphs above, Joseph Tainter briefly mentions others such as inefficient response to circumstances, other complex societies, intruders, mismanagement, and economic explanations. Whatever the case may be the cause may be different within each complex societal collapse, or could even be due to multiple causes as well. In all, the possibilities seem

  • Revolution in France: Who Benefited Most From The Collapse Of The Ancien Regime?

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    Revolution in France: Who Benefited Most From The Collapse Of The Ancien Regime? The Ancien Regime (French for Old Order) was the way society was run, in a period in French history occurring before the French Revolution (1789 - 1799). France was ruled by an absolute monarchy (a system where the king was classed as divine - an infallible role) King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. The French society was separated into classes or Estates. The first Estate was the Clergy who were extremely rich

  • Collapse of the American Dream in the Great Gatsby

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    In the novel The Great Gatsby, The major theme is the collapse of the American dream. The American Dream consisted of money, lots of money. The Quote, "Her voice is full of money," is said about Daisy by Gatsby. To me this means that she has been raised rich and will always remain rich, which is the American dream. Gatsby believes that Daisy's voice is full of money and that is very addicting to him. It is the reason he is so attached to her, she is Mr. Gatsby's American dream. Like all people

  • The Collapse of Dreams in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

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    ... ...2). Gatsby believed he was once powerful, everybody wanted to go to his parties. At the time of his death, nobody came to his funeral. Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald shows the collapse of dreams, whether they are dreams of money, status, or simply of happiness. The biggest collapse, however, is of the American Dream. The failure of the American Dream is unavoidable, not only because life cannot compare to dreams, but also because they are usually too perfect to be compared

  • An Inward Collapse of the Human Perspective in Forster's A Passage to India

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    An Inward Collapse of the Human Perspective in Forster's A Passage to India The reverberation of sound in the form of an echo is threaded throughout E.M. Forster's A Passage to India, and the link between the echo and the hollowness of the human spirit is depicted in the text. The echo is not heard in the beginning of the text when the English newcomers, Mrs. Moore and Ms. Quested, arrive in India; it is more clearly heard as their relationship with India gains complexity. The influence of the

  • Summary Of Collapse By Jared Diamond

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    Civilizations can either choose to fail or succeed. This crucial verdict is upon the civilization itself. Jared Diamond, author of Collapse: How Society Chooses to Fail or Succeed, believes that a civilization's demise is in light of the fact that the society in any civilization decisions on how to lead it can destroy it. Diamond writes his own definition of collapse as, “a drastic decrease in human population size and/or political/ social complexity, over a considerable area, for an extended time

  • Summary Of Collapse By Jared Diamond

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    Jared Diamond’s book “Collapse” is a modern publication with a retrospective view of long-lost civilizations. He states on the cover “How Societies Choose to Fail of Succeed”, as a principle tone for readers. The thesis he introduces may best be captured as, any civilization can collapse if not developed in an environmentally stable means. Dimond then goes to offer more structure to his argument with the principal; that good governance and proper civilization/urban planning, which incorporates

  • Colony Collapse Syndrome

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    bees on the United states have disappeared. It seems that within a few days of having a good, healthy colony of bees, most of the adult population disappears. They can't even find any bodies near the hive. Scientists nicknamed this as CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Bees have been disappearing all over the globe. Countries such as Portugal, Poland, Central America, and South America have all reported cases of the phenomenon. When bees get sick, they sacrifice themselves and leave the colony to die

  • Collapse by Jared Diamond

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    is increasing. (Diamond, Collapse, p. 300-406) In conclusion, Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies was one outstanding book. In this work, Jared Diamond answered a question that explained how civilizations amongst the world developed faster than one another during the same time period. In contrast to the preceding book Collapse: How Societies choose to Fail or Survive he came to a conclusion on how societies or what caused societies to collapse. These books are similar

  • Factors Contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder

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    too big. The problem is that since about 2006 the honeybee population has decreased drastically. Bees that were healthy to the eye one day were abandoning their hives in masses the next day, without return. Researchers call this occurrence, Colony Collapse Disorder, CCD. There is no set reason for CCD, but a there is a wide range of factors that are all very possible and probable to the cause of dying bees. As a consumer, everyone of us want to have fruit year round but never really take in to account

  • Colony Collapse Disorder and Pesticides

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    Colony Collapse Disorder and Pesticides From around the year 2006, many bee farmers in the U.S.A and some parts of Europe started reporting sharp declines in their bee stocks. The reason for this declining numbers was not known and therefore scientists named it colony collapse disorder (CCD). Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a not a very old phenomena and it became popular when large number of bee colonies started disappearing. The disappearing was mysterious since no dead bees were found in or

  • COllapse by Jared Diamond

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    Although Greenland and Australia are thousands of miles apart and very different in geography, they also have many similarities. In his book “Collapse”, Jared Diamond shows that both countries have the five factors that can contribute to a society’s collapse. Greenland’s Norse society already collapsed a long time ago, while Australia is still a First World country going strong. If some things there don’t change, the country’s living standard will go down and there could be major problems.

  • Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond

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    The environmental movement in politics is often overplayed causing people to loose interest in the issue, but Jarred Diamond makes it impossible to ignore the issue in his book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed. Jared Diamond hopes to catch as many peoples attention as he can; the name alone, “Collapse”, makes him appear to be an alarmist looking for attention. He has just cause though for blowing the whistle on society. He makes parallels to previous failed societies and to modern

  • Comparison Between The Maze Runner and Societies

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    Imagine a world where you are stuck in an arena, several times the size of a football field, and you are with about fifty teenage boys for as long as you live. Well, lucky for you, that is the world which is The Maze Runner. Yes, The Maze Runner, by James Dashner, is a fictional society, but there are real life civilizations that fall too, such as Germany in the Nazi era, Sierra Leone, and Ancient Rome. Societies can crumble down and burn due to corrupt leaders or government, lack of crucial resources

  • A Short History of Progress

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    environment to produce the materials that allow it to survive to begin with first place. To reiterate Wright, the progress trap is hitting modern society and people should recall fallen civilizations in order to escape what is inevitable: collapse. Delaying the collapse is not good enough, and changing the track no matter how difficult a move this is, is needed in order to prevent to sustain life on Earth. References Godrej, Dinyar. “The No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change.” New Internationalist

  • Death in Lord of The Flies by William Golding

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    Death and Social Collapse Oscar Hammling has said, "We die ourselves every time we kill in others something that deserved to live." Man's relationship with death from the hour of his birth and his inherent concern for himself above others are themes often used in literary works to depict mankind's mental, spiritual, and social weaknesses. Death is a prominent motif in William Golding's Lord of the Flies and specific events throughout the novel are important in the development of the story and