The Controversy Of Animal Testing Essay

The Controversy Of Animal Testing Essay

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Thai “Ryan” Nguyen
Professor Blake Hausman
Writing 121: Synthesis Essay
14th August 2014
Controversy of Animal Research
For decades, using animals in research to examine the safety of products has been a controversial problem. Some people say that testing on animals has brought benefits to human welfare in many ways. Others disagree, believing testing on animals is cruel and inhumane. Both sides have their own opinions, and neither of them is wrong. By doing research on the Internet and in books, I have decided to support testing on animals. Animal testing is more efficient to advance human and animal welfare and has contributed to many cures and treatments for illnesses that could harm both mankind and also animals.
Many cures and treatments for illnesses have been created by animal testing for decades. According to the California Biomedical Research Association, many scientific breakthroughs have been recorded by the contribution of animal testing (“Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing?”). For example, removing dogs’ pancreases led directly to the discovery of insulin, so this experiment saves the lives of diabetics. A story of a girl named Kayla with Type 1 diabetes tells about how in 1921, Frederick Banting and Charles Best isolated insulin from the pancreas of a dog and saved Kayla’s life (Animal Research: Finding cures, Saving lives 2). In the book Animal Research Finding cures, Saving lives, The American Physiological Society shows that every year, diabetes causes about 73,000 deaths. Without the death of the dog in Banting and Best’s experiment, many more people would die every year. In addition, animal research has contributed to many other cures for illnesses, such as breast cancer, brain injur...

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