Persuasive Essay On Animal Abuse

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Some people believe that animal cruelty consists mainly of people actively being unkind to animals. That is not all there is to animal cruelty. There are in fact, many forms of animal cruelty, not all of which are widely known by the majority of the human population. These forms include animal testing, animal abuse, fur farming, vivisection, puppy mills, and many more. While some laws and organizations exist to help prevent animal cruelty, lack of awareness surrounding animal cruelty issues has allowed many forms of animal cruelty to continue without an attempt of being stopped. One of the biggest issues for animal cruelty is the lack of awareness.

Animal testing is one form of animal cruelty that should be illegal because it is inhumane, unethical, and the results that come from it cannot always be accurately compared to the results that would come from human beings. Regan Singer says, “To assume that humans are inevitably superior to other species simply by virtue of their species membership is an injustice”, which Singer terms "speciesism," which is an injustice parallel to racism and sexism. What he means is that animals are conscious creatures that are aware of their environment and have goals , desires, and emotions. They should not be forced to suffer through things that they cannot prevent. It is our job as humans to speak up against the dreadful things that animals are forced to go through.

Many people that are in favor of animal testing say simply that the lives of people are more important than the lives of animals, and while it is unfortunate that sometimes animals must suffer and die, it is worth it if human lives are saved by this research. Thousands of years ago, humans began to use animals for the purpos...

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... say that they are against animal cruelty but won’t stand up for it. They either do not really know what is actually happening to the animals for them to be able to have these things, or they don’t care. There are people and organizations that do care, though. Some of these types of non-profit organizations include PETA(People For Ethical Treatment of Animals) and ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Both of these organizations fight for the rights and well-being of animals. They help to inform people of the terrible things that are happening to animals every day. If people would like to help out with the safety and well-being of animals, they can sign up to receive information and/or emails from these groups at their websites. Animal cruelty needs to be stopped because it is inhumane, unjust, and there is no need for it.

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