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Contagious By Jonah Berger Essay

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In Jonah Berger’s book: Contagious, he introduces the six concept, which contributes to the acronym STEPPS. Berger explains that why certain products or ideas become contagious throughout the book. He argues that if people want to spread certain products or ideas around quickly just like the spread of wildfire; they must follow the six STEPPS in order to build into one’s mind. The six STEPPS stands for “social currency, triggers, emotion, public practical, value stories”. Social currency refers to how people look or talk about a product or an idea. People are being influenced by their peers, environments, and communities. Next, triggers refer to the stimulation that reminds people to think about the related things. Additionally, our feeling could drive the way how we perceive things. Publicity helps making the products or ideas more popular because it makes things more observable to imitate. Practical value indicates the usefulness of certain things. Therefore, when things become more practical value, we are likely to share with others because we believe it will benefit others just like how it benefits to ourselves. Lastly, the stories are impacted tools to use in marketing. When a product has a memorable story, it adds the value itself, and people are more likely to share story around. Also, the stories are easier to share than the informative reports. Therefore, the like hood of sharing a story is higher. All the six points that I have mentioned above, they are significant tools that one can use in marketing industry, and Berger interprets his point of view through many real life examples with enrich scientific experiments and data.
Throughout the contagious book, Berger combines many groundbreaking researches wit...

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...t for fun. On the other side, the sadness connects people in an influential way. When one baby is crying, there is more chance that other babies will cry too. Therefore, emotion affect our daily life significantly, and it influence the way of marketing too.

Taking the google as an example, Berger illustrates the successful of google because they know to market the emotion into consumer’s mind. Google has a great interface and useful search result; however, they did not consider the emotion appeal to the consumer. Many similar businesses such as google will not consider emotion in the search engine. But, they are matter to the user because people will get connect with google emotionally if the search engine adds on emotions. Cafaro created the emotion appeal for the google search engine with the Creative Lab team. This was successful after they evaluate the result.

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